Aug. 3rd, 2007

Site Stuff

So, I'm trying to decide how to archive my writing. I have two options (well, three, but I'm ruling out the 'plain HTML' that I've been using so far).

-- Option 1: An archive script.
Pros: Has things built in, like chaptering and searching by word count.
I can run it on site, once I clear up a database.

-- Option 2: A journal.
Pros: Many people already use them, so they'll see updates automatically, without me having to make a feed.
Comment threading -- I like being able to have a conversation about my fics.
If I write something for a community, I can link to my archived copy, rather than the one on my journal -- keeping all comments in one place.

What does everyone else think? I'm leaning towards a journal.

Jun. 11th, 2007

I am a Masochist

So, I spent an hour cataloging my fics (well, I still need to do the drabbles and ficllets, which is most of them). Eventually I plan on using PHP/MySQL to retool my website's archive into something cool, but it means having a database ready -- that's not the masochistic part, but I'm getting there. Which means fic word counts. Which means getting the counts. Which means opening a lot of stories I haven't read in years...

... my God, my old fics sucked! And, no, that's not an invitation to go read them and tell me otherwise. I'm kind of glad my first two (finished) fics aren't on the net anymore. Though my third fic (the only thing I saved from my time in Digimon fandom) is at least a 'if I gave it a total rewrite, it might be better than half the stuff the fandom puts out'. The other stuff that's about its age is probably in the same boat -- it was mostly written in my silly fanbrat stage.

No, I'm not deleting them. Someone, somewhere, might like them -- after all, they are properly spelled, of a reasonable length, somewhat shippy and have enough characterization that a name swap would be noticable. For fandom, that's not that bad.

Also, eee! My Avatar: The Last Airbender boxset came today! (As in, I had to pause to sign for the package while writing this entry.)