May. 20th, 2014


Last night I dreamed that I was visiting my mother and aunt at my grandmother's old beach cottage*. Somehow I had lost track of time and had to convince them that I needed to pack and leave for the bus to Logan Airport that day, Monday, May 25th, because I had a flight to catch. Somehow, I had forgotten what the date was and had assumed it was... well, the 19th. There also was the sad feeling that I hadn't spent enough time at the beach on my vacation, and the urge to dash off to the beach instead of packing.

Maybe it's because I can't visit the beach this year -- things are just too uncertain because I don't have a job and might need to be available for interviews -- and didn't last year because I had my dissertation to finish.

Also, for some reason, there were cats in the kitchen, trapped by a baby gate, because no anxiety-based dream is complete without a surreal element.

* Grandma left it jointly to her kids. Since two of them didn't live in the area and one had a beach cottage of his own, they decided to sell it several years after my grandmother's death. Sadly the developers who bought it tore it down to build something with multiple stories.

Dec. 20th, 2011


Oh, whoops./ I should update. So, anyway, today I leave for Nebraska for a glorious two-week vacation...

... that isn't really, since I promised my adviser a paper draft. Oh, well. It's almost a vacation.

Anyway, Mom wants to know my plans for vacationing. Here's what I got so far...

Today (20 Dec.): Get on plane and take off at 5 PM; Land in Omaha at 10-ish. Jenn picks me up at airport and I go to her and Matt's place (in Omaha, still) and sleep.
Tomorrow (21 Dec.): Chill around Jenn's house while Jenn (and Matt?) and Mom are all at work. Wait until Mom or Jenn gets off of work to head to Lincoln.
22 Dec: Dinner with Mom and Ben
(Christmas Eve) 24 Dec: Family dinner, probably.
(Christmas Day) 25 Dec: Morning of opening presents. Jenn and Matt will be here, but will probably go to Matt's parents for the day, and maybe come back in the evening for soup and treats.
28 Dec: Dad and Marjorie leave for Florida, so sometime before that we have Christmas with Dad.
4 Jan: I go to Omaha, and then get on a plane back to Ithaca.

Dad wants me to spend the night, and I don't know what anyone's schedule looks like, but that's what I got.

Jun. 20th, 2010


I'm here, so I'm slowly getting back. Cassie and Heather have wireless internet, so it's fine to hang around with the laptop, writing or goofing off as Heather translates cheesy Japanese dating games for practice. Makes me want to adapt my longer stories as visual novels or something, though I'd like to know more coding to do something like Ace Attorney Investigations. I can get* to run on my computer, but something like RPGMaker won't run unless I get a windows emulator. There's ways to integrate with other Python codes, but I don't know Python. (Not that I couldn't learn Python...)

Speaking of stories, I have about 7,000 words on my current work. Here's what I have to do writing wise:

Big Projects
-- In the Shadow of the Flames for [ profile] scifibigbang, due by the end of July.
-- Some work on the Untitled Firefly story for the Finish-a-thon, due mid-August. Which means I need to rewatch Serenity at least, and maybe another couple of Firefly episodes.
-- Something for the [ profile] fantasybigbang. Signups close at the end of July, and the writing period is 10,000 words due at the end of October.**
-- NaNo, but that's not til November.
-- I want to finally get my old webcomic down as serial fiction. Someday...

Small Projects
-- Short stories (or fanart!) for [info]areyougame, which is running in July.
-- Short stories for [community profile] no_true_pair, which is running in August.

* Ren.Py or RenPy is a set of Python code to write visual novels. (Ace Attorney is the most common series outside of Japan.)

** I like Big Bangs for letting me stab at my to-do list. Which is too long.

Jun. 14th, 2010

SHort travel blurb

In Nebraska. Now we get the fun of getting [ profile] lasafara and my friends in one place to hang out. I'm constrained by the fact my evenings are taken by family, and [ profile] mirisa_ardruna has work and a toddler. Add in that Sara hasn't even called me.

I'll be around until Wednesday morning. Since I have internet and [ profile] lasafara doesn't, I'm trying to come up with options for the Lincoln to Portland leg. We'll also be in contact with [ profile] crisi83, who has made the trip before. We need to pre-book the hotels because we're traveling with a cockatiel.

Also, if you want something to do, I'm doing the Finish-a-thon on Livejournal again. So, sometime before the 18th, you can vote on which story I should work on next Here's the poll. And read [ profile] lasafara's journal: she's doing trip recaps. With pictures.

May. 18th, 2010

Summer Vacation Adventures!

So, I mentioned this on Facebook, and booked my flight, but I should post it here. Normally I take a vacation in the summer up to New Hampshire to spend a weekend with my extended family -- and I time it so my mother and brother are up there as well. The last two years, I took a vacation back to Nebraska for events (my sister's wedding and my brother's graduation).

This year, though, I'm helping [ profile] lasafara and her bird move across the country from her home in Pennsylvania to [ profile] crisi83 and [info]uncreativity's place in Oregon. So I get a road trip, some tourist time in New York City, a stop in Nebraska to see family and friends, AND some time in Oregon. Plus, states I've never been to -- Oregon, and I've never driven through the Rockies, just to them, so it looks like I'll get to see Idaho and a tiny bit of Utah.

I assure you, I will be blogging and posting pictures.

(Katie, we totally need to come up with a nickname for this trip. Last year the galaxy group in my department had '5 Bs Across America', where Ann/"Banana" and Betsey moved Sabrina/"Brina" and her two bulldogs (Bella and Chewy/"Bad Dog"), to California for Sabrina's postdoc.)
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