Apr. 4th, 2011

To Do: Week of 4-10 April

What I didn't get done on my last to-do list:

+ An email to people I might want to talk to regarding jobs
+ Fixing the figures in one of my papers so it can go to my Adviser for proof-reading
+ Sunday cleaning
+ Landlady discussion about subletting the apartment (getting done today)
+ Manga reading (but I read a lot of books)
+ Posting a book review

I did get two pieces of art colored, finished a set of 31 stories, and started two stories that I needed to write. Plus started some crochet projects and got my code working on real data. Then found some problems that need to get fixed.

Adding the following to it:

+ Retool my stellar occultation model to fix some of the geometric assumptions I made and better handle multiple particle size (don't worry, this makes sense to me).
+ Decide what I'm taking from the [livejournal.com profile] ag_over_18 swap box and post it to the community.
+ Make the horribly late post about the fabric swap box (tonight, so no one gets confused).
+ Mail out the swap box
+ Do the lineart for my MAX drawing.
+ Finish making granny squares for the vest I'm working on. (I have six or so done, the vest takes 11 full squares and 4 half-squares.)
+ Write 750 words per day, or about 5000 words this week. Of those, about 3,000 need to be on my big bang story.
+ Start the contest on my DevART site.
+ Upload at least some of the art on my personal site and post it to [personal profile] invoking_urania