Mar. 22nd, 2008

How to Fail at PR (And, hey, it's not Livejournal!)

This is making the rounds of the blogosphere, so I thought I'd sum it up. (Link leads to New York Times, which requires a free account.)

1. Make a movie</title> claiming that Big Science unfairly excludes proponents of Intelligent Design, and that academic freedom and free speech demands that other sides be heard. (My teal-deer thoughts on this issue were excluded to keep with The Funny.)
2. Interview evolutionary biologists. Claim it is for a movie about the controversy, and don't tell them you picked a side. Heck, don't tell them that you already registered a domain name for the real title, and the title you gave them is just a working title.
3. Start doing free pre-screenings. Make headlines when you claim the negative review of the movie was someone who snuck in uninvited.
4. When one of the evolutionary biologists you interviewed shows up to see the movie, deny him entrance. Because the surest way to present yourself on the side of free speech is to not let opposing viewpoints even hear your arguments without paying $10 for a movie ticket.
5. Completely ignore that one of his guests was an even more famous evolutionary biologist and atheist activist. Later claim that you thought he had flown all the way across the ocean to see your movie, when he was already in town as the guest of a conference.
6. Later claim that the first biologist wasn't invited to your free screening when the website said it was open and free with registration, and the credits had thanked him for his interview.

I have a collection of "FAIL" macros that I am tempted to post. (Said movie also includes Nazis. The producer have clearly never heard of Godwin's Law.)