Sep. 14th, 2010

30DoS.05: The pairing with the least chemistry? Anakin/Padmé, Star Wars

Day 05 - The pairing with the least chemistry? Anakin/Padmé, Star Wars

Here we get the problem that I can think of a lot of examples... but all were from utterly forgettable romance novels. Since that was over half the plot, I didn't bother continuing. I have another collection of romance novels that have enough of an interesting plot (or magic) to work even though the romance made me roll my eyes -- see my Mercedes Lackey and Catherine Asaro collection. I could name the couples from them, except no one else had ever heard of them since I don't even read the popular Lackey books any more (I saved her fairy-tale retellings and her Tarma and Kethry books.) Let's face it -- if it's going to be a rant, I might as well make it something everyone has heard of and gives a damn about.

About the same for half of all shoujo anime I've seen. I mean, I could give you my thoughts on Miaka and Tamahome, but I haven't read Fushigi Yuugi for a while. Most of those can be summed up as 'author decided these two are the Designated Couple and never explained why'. I could also throw in my Eureka SeveN rant about not pairing up every woman with five minutes of screen time (except the little girl).

Which leaves action shows that have romance as a secondary plot. Actually, a lot of those probably suffer from Designated Couple Syndrome too. And we're talking couples that I can't fill in the gaps with fanfiction. There are couples that are shown to me briefly, but that interest me anyway -- partially out of fandom and filling in the blanks. I'd assume these have chemistry in that I can see how they work.

I think, after long and careful thought, I'm going to name Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amadala the coveted award here. )