Mar. 26th, 2010

Bored at work...

Bit restless today. I spent about and hour or two getting my code to work, so now I'm at the stage of 'five minutes of tweaking my code, thirty of letting it run'. It's a lot like my old job observing galaxies at the UNL Student Observatory, located on a parking garage next to scenic Memorial Stadium, home of the Cornhusker Marching Band (and the football team, I guess). There, after setting up the night's run, it was thirty minutes of telling the telescope to stare at a galaxy, then five minutes to check things and set up the next picture. Thank god for the heated control room, with an internet connection on the non-telescope computer, and my observing partner, who brought her laptop and DVDs. (That's where I saw Pirates of the Caribbean.)

Speaking of sports, the Cornell Men's Basketball team made it to the Sweet 16 (that's the college basketball regional semifinals) this year before losing. It's the best the team has ever done -- even making the playoffs is a Big Deal for Cornell. Anyway, apparently there was a big gathering on campus for their homecoming today, with the VP making speeches and signs and all that -- you'd think we won.
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Jan. 1st, 2009

Happy New Year!

So, I spent my new year in the traditional manner -- I played video games and trivia with Sara on the Eve, and then got up late and watched football with Mom.

(Go Big Red! It was a good bowl game for Nebraska, with the team rallying in the second half to win the game. Less good that a lot of the points Clemson did score came from fumbles & interceptions.)

Anyway, I'm trying to think of Resolutions. I'm thinking that I should try to write every day* and I'd like to get in shape.

* Within reason. If I get the horrendous stomach flu I had last November, I'm gonna spend the day in bed with the largest ambition being to keep food in my stomach.

Jun. 24th, 2008


So, the intramural softball season has started. The astronomy department always fields a team -- the Big Bangers. Our cheer goes like this: "Who bangs big? Big Bangers!". Because we're all secretly twelve. (The name predates most of the people on the team). Traditionally, it's mostly run by grad students and undergrad summer interns. We also have one faculty member and this year we have Adam, who is Research Staff and the husband of a faculty member. (We have a bit of a rivalry with the ultimate football team, since we both play on the same evenings, so have to compete for players.) He's also never played softball before -- thankfully, cricket skills apparently transfer, and he got used to the glove quickly. There's also enough summer interns who haven't played sports since middle school to make me feel better about my skills.

My batting record is currently 0.333, if I understand the figuring correctly. One pop out, one time being thrown out at first, and a single that turned into a double thanks to losing the ball*, then getting tagged out at third two batters later.

* League rules. If the ball is overthrown and leaves the bounds, especially if there's a fence or long grass involved, all the runners can advance two bases from where they started. So, if I was at-bat, I can go to second. One base that I probably would have made anyway, plus another to reflect that retrieving the ball is a pain.

But, as a result of today's game and yesterday's practice, I am sore. I also spent most of yesterday evening asleep, no thanks to the thunderstorm that knocked out my power. Sleeping with painkilelrs tonight!

(Stress seems to be contributing to my inability to sleep. I woke up every two hours last night, and I went to bed at 9, with no caffeine and having moved my meds to morning dosage. One week until I can sleep easy.)
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