Dec. 27th, 2009

Why do we need Jake Sully?

Saw Avatar with Ben today. Now we will get needlessly confusing, since we have the movie with the blue aliens and the cartoon with the kid with the blue arrow. I saw a review that describes the plot as Dances With Wolves meets Fern Gully, which is fair enough -- a predictable plot, but it was a pretty, pretty movie and an interesting setting.

Does make me wonder about something. See, the plot of the movie is basically 'guy goes Elsewhere, guy is adopted by locals, guy discovers he prefers the locals* and his bosses are jerks**, guy helps his new friends kick his old bosses' butts'. It's not a new plot. But there's always a guy -- okay, maybe a gal. What I mean is that we never get the aliens (or, indigenous humans, for that matter) without a human with them. Especially in visual media -- I can maybe think about a book example.

Rambly, and this might not even make sense. )