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Feb. 17th, 2013

I never know who to ask about this, but...

Anyone want to beta-read a 50,000 word Slayers fanfiction? (Mostly featuring Zel and Amelia, though Lina and Gourry have a sideplot. It's a sequel to "The Sun, Half Covered" if it helps...)

Apr. 27th, 2012


I finished editing my [livejournal.com profile] casestory fic, and it went to [info]yuuo, who is beta-reading. Anyone else who wants to help beta-read a novella-length (23,100 words) Slayers fic is welcome to volunteer.

The start of the fic may well pre-date my graduate school career; I know it pre-dates my master's degree and had to be edited for continuity since it was written before Slayers Revolution was even a rumor*.

I could probably look in my writing journal -- the LJ one, since it was before I had even heard of Insanejournal, let alone Dreamwidth. Neither may have existed back then. But, I'm tired. I'm going to bed.

* Well, besides the standard 'they'll make another season Any Year Now' that's been happening since Try.

Oct. 19th, 2010

30DoS.30: Favorite anime ending theme: "Wake Up" by Chisato (Gokudo)

Day 30 - Favorite anime ending theme: "Wake Up" by Chisato (Gokudo)

I don't normally listen to ending themes much, but this one is just really catchy. Would make a great alarm clock theme.
Embedded Videos! )

Oct. 13th, 2010

30DoA.25: Best anime villain: tie between Akio Ohtori and Hellmaster Phibrizzo

Day 25 - Best anime villain: tie between Akio Ohtori and Hellmaster Phibrizzo

Here I'm going to distinguish between characters I like as villains and characters I like as characters. They aren't necessarily mutually exclusive, but there are characters that make me cackle with glee when I realize just how they have the heroes over a barrel, which may not be the same as the characters I find fascinating.

And I admit, I love the mindscrew as my favorite villain technique. So I went with villains that could use it.

Akio is the antagonist of the last arc of Revolutionary Girl Utena. )

Oct. 1st, 2010

30DoS.22: A pairing you hate and no one else understands why? Xellos/Filia

Day 22 - A pairing you hate and no one else understands why? Xellos/Filia

Well, actually plenty of people understand why. And to be fair, this is one of those things that is 90% execution... though 99% of people who write it will get it wrong*. I could really throw Xellos/Lina and Xellos/Zel and Xellos/anyone-except-maybe-Xelas-or-Shabranigdo here, but I mostly move in the 'traditional het pairing' circles, rather than the alt-het-pairing or slash circles, and most trad fans will ship Xellos with Filia if they ship him.

So, Slayers. Xellos is a mazoku, a being created from piece of the source of all destruction in the world. Filia is a golden dragon, a mortal servant of the gods, who represent creation. You see the problem. Xellos drives Filia up the wall, and Filia seems to be one of the few beings that can ruffle Xellos's metaphorical feathers.

Now, the big thing here is that neither of them is human. )

Sep. 30th, 2010

30DoS.21: A pairing you like and no one else understands why? Zelgadis/Sylphiel

Day 21 - A pairing you like and no one else understands why? Zelgadis/Sylphiel

Part of it is that I just like pairing Zel off with people*. And Amelia, but I've never really found an alt-pairing I like for her. (I mean, maybe Amelia/Pocota, but the whole 'Pocota is stuck as a plushie' thing kind of puts a damper on things. At least Zel is shaped like an adult and has hormones, while despite being at least in his teens, Pocota acts like a child.)

I think where it comes from is that in the manga and novels, instead of having the dramatic Zel entrance, Zel beat Lina and Gourry to Sairaag and Sylphiel basically asked him to help her figure out what the heck was going on. )

Sep. 23rd, 2010

30DoA.14: Current (or most recent) anime wallpaper: Sylphiel

Day 14 - Current (or most recent) anime wallpaper: Sylphiel

I actually don't usually use an anime wallpaper. My work computer has a picture of Saturn, since I use it to give presentations, and so people actually see my wallpaper. My home computer has the fingerspelled alphabet, but is covered with virtual sticky notes. Including the one I'm composing this post on.

I tried to find the wallpapers I used to have on my site, back in the day, but couldn't snag it. )

Sep. 22nd, 2010

30DoS.13: What is your favorite television pairing? Amelia/Zelgadis

Day 13 - What is your favorite television pairing? Amelia/Zelgadis

Cartoons totally count as TV. Even Japanese cartoons.

So, Slayers. I'm inordinately fond of it. )

30DoA.13: Worst installment of a franchise you do like: Slayers: Hourglass of Falces

Day 13 - Worst installment of a franchise you do like: Slayers: Hourglass of Falces

Gonna be honest here. I read the plot summary, and it wasn't bad. Plus, it's the only non-novel appearance of Luke and Milina, and the only time they get to share the stage with Zel and Amelia.

The big turn-off was the art, and the gratuitous T&A and costume changes.  )

Sep. 13th, 2010

30DoS.04: The pairing with the most chemistry? Lina/Gourry (Slayers)

Day 4 - The pairing with the most chemistry? Lina/Gourry (Slayers)

I'm defining this as two people I just love to see on camera together and who can easily steal a scene.  )

Sep. 11th, 2010

30DoA.02: Favorite TV series: Slayers

Day 2 - Favorite TV series: Slayers

Okay, who is really surprised by this? Anyone? Anyone? No?


Anyway, I first saw Slayers as the first dub tape, brought by AVR to our High School SF Club )

Feb. 25th, 2010

Anime Club

Debating about whether to nominate Slayers Revolution for showing next semester. Main problem is that it is the fourth season of an anime, so I wonder how well it holds up for a club that might not have seen the previous three, or has only seen the first OAV (which really only tells you who Lina Inverse is, and lets you get the Nama/Naga joke in Evolution-R). The characters I can see sinking in quickly, but a lot of Revolution/Evolution-R relies on the plot of the first season. (Mostly the Rezo arc, but also the Sairaag arc a bit.)

Club history has the club showing Slayers TRY before my time, but TRY stands alone better -- about the only thing in common with Slayers and Slayers NEXT is the main five characters, the world, and knowing that Valgaav is annoyed at Lina because she killed his master in NEXT.

Then again, the club survived showing The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya in broadcast order*. Worst comes to worst, I nominate showing The Slayers first semester, then Revolution/Evolution-R second. The club tends to vote anything more than 13 episodes-a-semester down, but it's worth a shot. The last time the club did it was my first year, when showing Banner of the Stars and Eureka SeveN -- I suppose Twelve Kingdoms my second year, too, even if the club cut out the Taiki arc to save time. And none of those were well-received by the club** -- I think the last shows with substantially more than 26 episodes that were liked were Utena and FMA. (Oh, and Wolf's Rain, but if you cut out the four episodes (!) of recap, you get down to a normal length.)

What do you all think -- could Slayers Revolution/Evolution-R stand alone, relying on the in-show explanations of what's going on?

* Basically the Haruhi anime has a five-episode story arc of the first novel, a very condensed version of the second novel, and a bunch of short stories from the manga. The DVD release puts the whole thing in rough chronological order, with the five-episode arc put first. The TV release, and the one CJAS went with, played the second novel first, had the story arc split up so that the first episode or two were shown first, and the end of that arc were shown last, and then sprinkled the rest in there somewhere. Seriously. It was mitigated by the plot of the second novel being 'Haruhi decides to make a movie for the cultural festival, and unknowingly casts her three weird friends as roles that mirror their own hidden backstories/powers', but...

** I had a love/hate relationship with Eureka SeveN, but even I admitted the Crest/Banner of the Stars and Twelve Kingdoms animes both had pacing problems, and that the books were better (and a better adaption would be awesome).

Jan. 21st, 2010

Oh, Fandom

Funimation posted the first four episodes on YouTube dubbed, and four comments into the thread on [profile] theslayers and someone is already 'ew, dub', like it's back in the 90s and we all have VHSs and piss-poor voice acting.

(I watched the first episode. Wizer's VA seems good to me, but I'll have to see how he handles some of the crazier stuff later on. Pocota's VA didn't bother me, but all I heard her do is the Dragon Slave chant, so that's not much to judge on. The main four seem as I remembered them -- perhaps a bit more polished. None of the other reoccurring characters show up until Episode 5, when we get Xellos, Ozel, Dulcis and Gioconda.)

Jul. 18th, 2009

Writing Update...

I just finsihed a Slayers fanfic about Xellos -- pick your poison, Insanejournal or Dreamwidth. (Also, FF.net, Mediaminer, Ficwad and Skyehawke, and a link in TheSlayers@LJ -- I crosspost like a crossposting thing.)

"The Weight of Secrets", my Zelda fanfic for [info]areyougame, is done and at the beta *waves to [info]yuuo*. Also, I just realized I forgot to name some minor characters. Oops.

As for my SciFiBigBang@LJ project, it's barely out of the prologue, but I have a Plan. Like many plans, it may change as I write. But, here. Have a graphic.

For the more artistically inclined, I have some exchange art that I finished:

Just realized that TRALLT's Harper (left) looks a lot like how I draw my character, Zack Marshall. Aside from both being blond Americans born in the latter half of the 20th century and being somewhat athletic, they don't have that much in common. Oh, and maybe having an embarrassing first name -- Harper is an Ashley, and 'Zack' is technically a middle name legally changed at 18. (Zack's full name is Francis Zackary Peter Marshall.)

Jun. 11th, 2009


So, I got the Spirit of the Century RPG book, which uses the FATE system. (Interesting, and I might do a post on things like it that get away from some of the 'things we think we know about tabletop games'). Anyway, SotC models 'pulp' action stories -- weird science, a bit of mysticism, and a lot of action. One thing of note is that it has three combat skills -- Fists (Unarmed), (Melee/Thrown) Weapons and Guns (also used for bows and other ranged weapons). The game writer notes that all three have their advantages -- fists can't be taken away, melee weapons can be thrown or have extended reach, and guns have great range. They also have their disadvantages -- fists are limited range, guns and weapons can be taken away, and Guns cannot be used as a defensive skill. But things like damage are set by the skill roles, not by the weapon. Which works for settings where swords really do beat guns if you are awesome enough. (There are optional rules online for making Guns more deadly. You can also take stunts to make a character more of a bad-ass martial artist/brawler/weaponsmaster/gun bunny/etc. or to give them Future!Tech or a Legendary weapon or whatever, but again, those are character-specific things)

Which got me thinking about adapting SotC to handle a higher-magic setting than the default one -- Evil Hat has the rights to the Dresden Files RPG, and there are fanmade magic systems. Which got me thinking about the fantasy worlds I favor, like Avatar or Slayers, where the non-magic cast are just as bad-ass as the magic cast. Some of it in Slayers is that Gourry carried a magic sword, but against 'normal' opponents, he didn't especially need it -- the magic mostly seems to counter creatures not harmed by physical weaponry. (TRY did a bad job of handling this, but Revolution showed this well. Even when Gourry is captured, and his normal sword is removed, it took him only one 'grab for sword he didn't have' to get into 'defend Lina though unarmed stuff' and only ran into problems when a deadly swordswoman and magic-using assassin showed up. For that matter, he was able to hold his own in a swordfight against a foe with superior armor with an improvised weapon Lina made for him out of stone.) And in Avatar, characters like Mai, Ty Lee, Sokka and Suki (or, for that matter, Pian Dao) are all shown to lend their own skills to fights and hold their own against normal opponents, even benders.)

It's not quite about power, unless you consider different types of power. Pretty much, the old Justice League debate. Characters like Superman has a lot of innate superpowers. Batman has a lot of resources and contacts, and is at the high end of human ability in both smarts and brawn -- all of it is 'mundane', just exceptional -- so he can use planning plus 'stuff' to hold his own in an organization of Supers. One doesn't feel like Batman is a token member of any group of Supers he's in, or exists only to fund the group -- he gets his chances to be awesome, even if he can't punch through safes or fly.

I guess it's a fondness for a world where magic is Cool, but there are many ways to be Cool. You can be an amazing swordsman, or a deadly knife-thrower, or a martial artist able to disable with a single blow.

(For that matter, one of the Dresden File RPG development blog posts points out that Murphy might be a normal mortal, but she's got her own resources and skills that make her just as important to the plot as, say, Michael (a holy knight) or Molly (an apprentice wizard) or Thomas (an incubus) or the Alphas (weres).)

Apr. 12th, 2009

Slayers Speculation

There are spoilers for Episode 13 of Evolution-R. Also thoughts on Mazoku.

Spoiler Warning here. )

Mar. 22nd, 2009

Fandom Thought for the Day

It's weird how Slayers fandom divides into camps. And, for all that I ship in the Slayers fandom, I sometimes wonder if I'm more in the 'mostly gen that loves the story and characters' aspect.

I look around at all the 'next gen' fic and 'L&G (or Z&A) fic that involves the story of how they stopped being traveling adventurers and started being Responsible Adults with Families' and I think to myself that I don't care about those stories. Some of it is because I still see the cast as being young people and not ready for settling down. I mean, geez, I'm not settled and I'm at least 4-5 years older than Lina is.

Some of it is that I don't think that the cast will ever truly settle down -- that Lina and Gourry and Amelia and Zel are characters who are most happy being active hero-types. For some reason, I see Amelia as the type of ruler who would be very hands-on, just as her father was/is, especially if she has a second parent around to make sure someone stays with the kids. And... well, part of me would be amused if Lina decided that her idea of stability would be ' traveling trader in magical goods and general-purpose investigator of weird stuff' rather than 'adventuring bandit-stomper and general-purpose investigator of weird stuff' -- it's slightly more stable in that she would be less likely to pick fights, and we know that she's a fairly good business-person. Zel... I can't picture much for him, since he can't picture much for himself, besides 'wandering mercenary, working for information to fix himself'. I know that won't last, or he's going to join Severus Snape in my head as 'characters who need to get over their past before they end up taking out grudges on unrelated people'. (All right, technically canon-Snape passed that point in Book 1 of Harry Potter.)

Gourry is perhaps the only character that I see willing to settle down, and then only because I see him as much more person-oriented than the rest. Lina loves her friends, but she loves novelty just as much. Amelia seems caught between her duties as a government official and her goals of being a Champion of Justice -- I can't see her giving up either. Zel is... Zel and completely putting the rest of his life on hold for his cure.

I guess because my favorite examples of couples in fiction are people like Hawk and Fisher or Wash and Zoe*, who are married and still lead interesting lives. If one could pull it off, I still like couples like Cordelia and Aral, or Dag and Fawn, or Izumi and Seig who end up more settled (and with kids or attempts at kids**, for that matter, unlike the previous two), but still have stories to tell, other than 'the time Miles or Nattie did something cute'. Or.. and I'm looking at my bookshelf now, Fee Carmichael or Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres or John Perry and Jane Sagan, or Sir Gerard and Lady Eleanor, or Miles and Ekaterin or...

* Okay, perhaps too interesting, in the case of Wash and Zoe. Curse you, Joss Whedon, and your desire to do nasty things to any established relationship you write.

** Okay, I'd argue that the Elric boys are Izumi's kids in all but biology, and that she's kind of shown as a teacher-figure to the town's kids.

... cutting myself off here. And I seem to have gotten onto a tangent expressing my love for 'married couples' and 'couples with kids that still have interesting adventures'. (There's an observation by Ekaterin in A Civil Campaign about how all fairy tales end with the princess happily married and that the only role for married women in these stories is dead mother or evil stepmother.)

On a tangent, can someone help me find more series/books with 'partner' characters adventuring that doesn't immediately let the UST take over. Another thing I like about Slayers is that nine times out of ten, it doesn't go into 'will they or won't they'? Most of the stories are about Lina and Gourry having adventures and being partners and not as much about hitting the reader over the head with possible romance -- it just lets the relationship develop. I don't care if it's gen stuff or shippy, I just want a story about two fantasy characters adventuring that doesn't involve the characters asking like high schoolers with crushes every other page.

(At this rate, I might have to dig out my Vows and Honor duology and see if I can still handle Mercedes Lackey's prose enough to read about Tarma and Kethry.)

Mar. 17th, 2009

OMG, You guys!

Slayers Spoilers. Seriously. If you want to be surprised by Episode 10 of Evolution-R, do NOT click this link. )

Jan. 14th, 2009


I'm a bit annoyed with Ravelry, which is a social networking site for knitters and crocheters. Most of the pages cannot be seen except if you are logged in, so if you found out someone has made, say, Wobbuffett mittens, you can't share it with a person who is not a member.

Also annoyed with the Slayers fandom, mostly because as soon as the raws go up, discussion of the new episodes starts. I don't generally watch raws because... well, I won't follow the plot, since my Japanese knowledge is limited to greetings and asking where the train station is, plus a lot of stuff you pick up from fandom*. And Slayers isn't quite as out there for me to be able to not care what the plot is.

* There is something wrong with the universe when I can say 'Stop! My butt hurts!', but can't ask where the bathroom is. Oh, fandom. Why must you be... well... fandom.

I'm worried that as soon as there's an actual translation, people will be moving on. (I don't know what the fansub status is, since fannish etiquette demands that since the anime is licensed and the licensing company has asked subbers to stop distribution, that fansubbing stop. The odds that this actually happens is slim to nil, given the 'Need it now!' attitude of most fans**.)

** Not gonna lie -- including me. I know this is an entitlement issue, and that I'm lucky that the things I like will be translated and licensed at all, and that I don't have to hunt down bootleg VHSs at cons, or ask for copies from the Creepy Guy at my high school. But... well, other people will be talking about it without me.

Jul. 18th, 2008

Watching TV before work

Slayers is my morning cartoon )

I probably don't have time to watch "The Boiling Rock" before I need to be in for work. I'll have to watch it and "The Southern Raiders" after work. Which puts me exactly one day behind everyone else, but what are you gonna do?

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