Jul. 9th, 2013

Wave at Saturn!

I need to blog more (she says again)...

Expect some more posts, btu now I'm going to tell you how you should be spending next Friday (19 July) afternoon.

The answer is waving as Cassini takes your photograph )

May. 10th, 2009

Star Trek (11)

... The scenes with the Enterprise in Titan's atmosphere showed Titan at the wrong inclination angle with respect to the rings. Titan orbits in the ring plane, so they'd not get the visuals. If they wanted a moon that had a good view, Iapetus would be my choice (plus, you could do a 2001 reference).

Now that I got the requisite Saturn fanwank out of the way, I have thoughts on the movie besides that. Spoilers here. )

On a fandom side, I think 11-Spock has moved into my head, so expect fanfiction on Invoking Urania. I also have been enjoying a familiar-yet-different world to play in. Also Spock-Prime and 11-Scotty just introduced transwarp transporters. That's going to have Ramifications.

In a bit of coolness, the movie's science advisor was Carolyn Porco. For those of you who don't keep track of these things, she's the head scientist for the Cassini Imaging Team. In other words I know her -- we've only spoken twice, but my advisor knows her pretty well, since he's head of one of the spectrometer teams, and both he and Carolyn are scientists who work on rings.

Apr. 21st, 2009

I feel much better

Insomnia appears mostly cured, though I ended up taking a 'boredom-nap'* today. On the plus side, the program appears to actually do what it's supposed to do now -- it still gives me the wrong answer, but it tells me why. (Basically, it gives me a wrong answer that is just as good as the right answer.)

* Basically, I spent the day programming so ended up lying down to recover mental fatigue. Because I find programming to be very frustrating.

Here, have some space porn Cassini Pictures.

In non-work news, I have a crossover story between Vision of Escaflowne and Charles Stross's Laundry book series, which is a pair of novels that are one part spy fiction, one part occult Lovecraftian horror, and one part computer-geekfest. If I ever get free time again, my fanfiction's premise might be expanded to feature how Hitomi Kanzaki, intelligence-service intern, saves Japan from the Destiny Machine Mark 2.

No one will ever read this*, but it makes me very happy.

* Going to try to write it for Escaflowne fen who have never read Stross's books, in the bare hopes someone will take a risk.