May. 22nd, 2010


So, I once explained how I view characters when writing fanfiction -- that when I read a source, I'd create projections of the characters and setting in my brain as I read, and use copies of those to write fanfiction.

Now, here's my problem. I do this with my own characters as well. So I can have three or four versions all floating around -- same background, but different events. Or... let me use a character as an example.

I played Zack in a tabletop game (0). After that, I moved him to an online cross-over game with a couple of friends (1). Several years later, a friend from the tabletop game and I started playing one-on-one online, and we revived our tabletop characters from Zack's game (2). I also created another version of him in a different universe for another private game (3).

So that's three characters -- four if I split Zack-0 from either possible continuation of him. All have the same name and backstory, but have become different versions of the same person. It doesn't bother me -- I can keep them straight. What gets troublesome is when I do things like MAX, where I give people my character bios and ask them to draw things for me. Now, for a portrait or some things, the version doesn't matter. Others... like character interaction pieces, it does matter.

Worst case comes when the versions have differences in design.

So, a way to communicate this clearly to people. Besides the old fandom standby of X!(Name).

(This does remind me I promised our RP crowd over on [info]the_nexus_rpg a wiki, just to keep track of the regular characters. The question would be to host it on my own site, or use a commercial wiki host.)
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Apr. 6th, 2010

Dresden Files!

So, the last two blog posts have been on the Dresden Files RPG*. Plus, today marks the release of the next Dresden Files novel. I'll be heading to Borders after work** to get it.

Also, in seeing the RPG and new book, I also discovered Jim Butcher's fanfiction policy. Basically, like Mercedes Lackey, he's allowed fanfiction to be posted under a Creative Commons license. So, any non-commercial derivative work based on Alera or the Dresdenverse can be posted to the 'net, as long as it is under a CC license***. (He also notes that he's still not reading fanfic, so don't ask.)

It came up because the RPG writers noted that they really can't put out the Dresden Files RPG under an Open Gaming License, except for the rules that were already under that. But that they intend to use things like the spellcasting rules as a basis for other work that is not part of a licensed property, which will let them publish under the OGL. And that since Jim Butcher allows derivative works, anything from the Dresden Files RPG is free game for non-commercial discussion -- game stories, characters, Dresden-fied settings, house rules, etc. So, for example, I can't lift the spellcasting rules and publish a FATE Dungeon Crawl, but I could probably use them to run a non-Dresden FATE game using the magic rules (and talk about it via the internet). (Would that be like a crossover?)

Anyway, good on Jim Butcher! As a shameless writer/artist/gamer who plays with derivative works, I appreciate authors who see them as signs of a healthy fanbase, rather than threats. I mean, no matter how many times people write Harry/Thomas, Harry/Marcone, Harry/Carlos†, it doesn't change that the original Harry Dresden lives in Jim's head and the rest of us are working from copies.

* Still reading, and I already know I'm going to need to make cheat sheets for spellcasting. Probably for character gen and combat, too -- mostly because I've never run FATE before, and it's not a variant of a familiar system like True20 was. One advantage of the old-school 'DM's screen' is that you can stick all the useful cheat sheets and tables to it, so you don't have to play the 'what page was that on?' game.

** That is, if the Ithaca Borders decides it's going to stop being a prat about never having SF books on the release date, no matter how well they might sell. It could just be the computer hasn't updated yet. I really need to see if there's something other than 'Borders, Barnes and Noble, the university bookstore, and various used bookstores' in town.

*** Meaning I need to modify my Dresden Files and Codex Alera fic to show this. My fic journal has a convenient spot for a disclaimer, that I can alter, but I should also get my archived work.

† It's usually either slash or porn, or slash porn that gets authors' undergarments in knots and full of sand. Somehow 'Harry Dresden versus Edward Cullen, hidden heir to the Glitter Court†† of Vampires' doesn't offend. (At least not Jim Butcher, though Stephenie Meyer may object.)

†† Not original. Someone already wrote fanfiction with Thomas using the Meyer-pires as an excuse to meet pretty women with things for vampires. And Harry laughing his ass off at Thomas's use of body glitter.

May. 15th, 2008

Note to Self: Remember to Take Your Meds

So, I'm on a mild dose of SSRIs for anxiety. (Thankfully, what side effects from the drugs have on me went away with use -- for the first month I was dead on my feet in the evenings, thanks to the drowsiness. Now I'm not even noticing it. Well, I still have the vivid dreaming, but I kinda like that.) I think I've forgotten my dose for the last couple of days. And, this morning, when I was answering RPG posts*, I was watching myself posts and noticing that I was a lot more anxious about how things were worded, and not being mis-interpreted. Which is pretty much classic anxiety for me.

* The main RPG I'm in is in a big climactic battle. Four of my five characters are involved -- the fifth deciding that wherever the fighting is, is where he doesn't want to be. Having one selfish character is fun, but he's a pain to get involved in plots.

In conclusion: I need to remember to take my bloody meds.

I am pleased that it's not showing up in my work, despite the fact my model is refusing to work. (I think I can fix it, once I give it a bit more thought.)
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