Mar. 4th, 2010


Besides my mother and brother sending me some clothing and a DVD*, my sister and brother-in-law sent a gift card to Amazon, and my father sent a gift card to the Apple store. Problem is with the latter, I don't really need any computer stuff right now and the Apple Store card doesn't work on iTunes. I don't even really need to upgrade Photoshop or something.

I guess I can pay to soup up the RAM on my desktop** and buy the connector that lets my laptop hook up to the projectors at work***, but that still leaves me a bit of money. Maybe a game... I barely play the Sims any more,but Civilization or Fables might be fun. (Not getting World of Warcraft -- I have enough addictive sites in my life. As fun as hanging out with you folks on WoW would be.)

* Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shambala.

** The laptop doesn't need it (4 GB is a lot) and the only upgrade I can buy for it costs $800 to change 4GB to 8GB -- at which point, I'll look around for cheaper ways to get that.

*** I have a list of things that Apple does badly that annoy me. One is that over the past six years, they have changed their video plug format three times, and it still is different from the one standard on Windows machines. It's getting so whenever I get a new laptop, I should just buy the converter and keep it in my computer bag.