Jan. 8th, 2009

Fanfiction for a Television Show that Doesn't Exist

So, and I think I've mentioned it before, but some months ago, I started reading Shadow Unit, a project which the creators describe as 'fanfiction for a television show that doesn't exist'. As is, it's a series of stories that are a sort of mix between the police drama and the X-Files, paranormal, but subtle, as much as a show about people who hunt down serial killers can be subtle.

Part of the fiction is that the fiction is more and less than reality. The characters (or some of them) have livejournals, and interacting with them is encouraged, as long as you play by the rules (no breaking the fourth wall) -- to the point where the events of the season finale enfolded in real time. The writers talk about the series as if it was a TV show in interviews, making up stories about casting and special effects -- then go back to speaking about it as prose in the next sentence.

There's also little things -- there's a line in the interview I linked that noted that the mix of races/sexes/orentations in the series isn't representative of the real FBI, but of how the FBI should be -- reminds me of something I said about Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek, that it wasn't how the Space Program looked, but how Gene thought it should look.

So, I'm encouraging all of you to go read this now.