Nov. 5th, 2012


I'm actually marginally on track, after a poor start (thanks to massive headaches on 1 November).

Also, if you want to follow along, I'm writing in Google Drive (at least at home: I have an offline copy for working at coffeeshops and such). So here's my story

Oct. 25th, 2009

To NaNo or Not to NaNo

So, this week I have the following I would like to do:

-- Finish my drawings for MAX and [info]mrcaex
-- Finish Winry Rockbell, Martian Space Pilot! (a Fullmetal Alchemist AU) for [info]scifibigbang
-- Put together two Halloween costumes. I'm going as the Virgo Cluster as a Museum of the Earth volunteer and as Tetra from Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for CJAS's Halloween party. I might also repair my Amelia costume for CJAS Costume'd Kareoke on Friday.
-- Clean my apartment.
-- Help with some RPG stuff and get my activity for the Museum event ready.

Work is slow, and the thing I really need to do there (besides grading) is sit down with my adviser and have a 'Let us plan where I go next so I can get my PhD in a timely fashion'. He's out of town for Tuesday and Wednesday, so I could get away with taking that time off for home (and grading) if I finish everything in my office tomorrow.

Next month, I'll have[info]yuletide and [info]yuletart, doing some art for [info]scifibigbang, and [info]slayers_request. Plus, finishing Christmas gifts and [info]ag_over_18 will probably do a Secret Santa.

I wonder if maybe I should take a break from NaNo and maybe just do something like [info]mekosuchinae is doing -- pledge to write every one of the [info]31_days prompts, which still gets me writing, but lets me work on other projects. Plus, I have one unfinished NaNo already, that doesn't suck and isn't fanfic. (I have three in total: the one that needs massive editing to salvage (if it can), the fanfic which needs its third part, and the one that really just needs a second half and some editing.)

But, that does kind of make me feel left out, since I really like the NaNo community. I like going to write-ins and such, and it would break my winning streak. But on the other hand, I don't want to win just for the sake of 50,000 words and a cute banner and certificate. I want to turn some of my scribbles into things other people can read. (Well, they can read them now, but it would make me cringe.)

And doing [info]scifibigbang is making me realize that my writing has gotten somewhat more stable -- in that, a lot of my older writing from several years ago doesn't look like it sucks. For a while, I was improving fast enough that reading my old writing was painful. Now it looks like a lot of my drafting skills are stable enough that drafts look good when I re-read them, even years later. Which might mean I need to take more risks and start editing to see if I can improve myself more.

Sep. 22nd, 2009

Worldbuilding and Plotbuilding... Intertwined.

I spent last night -- well, Sunday night, now -- thinking about NaNoWriMo, and I don't really remember much, except for some short story ideas, and stuff that I didn't feel competent enough to write.

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Sep. 20th, 2009

Writing and NaNo Ramblinh

Most of my drabbles are written like I imagine other folks write poetry -- I have an image or joke I want to tell, and I craft the setup around it.

Short stories tend to have a simple conflict. I need to know the character, but the conflict is usually set with the story idea, and the characters fold around that.

My longfic -- and here I use anything that's novella or novel length -- seems to be very character driven. I come up with a protagonist, and maybe an antagonist, and give them conflicting goals. Sometimes the protagonist can drive him/herself and I just need to figure out who comes up in the way, but sometimes the antagonist is driving things by wanting something that the protagonist is opposed to. NaNo '08 was like this. So was NaNo '06, a bit, until the protagonist discovered his goal of 'get home' and then 'free my buddy'. (NaNo '06 needs to be strip-mined. NaNo '08 might suffice with a polish.) NaNo '07 had protagonists that didn't need to be prodded as much -- partially because it was a sequel, but also because I knew the characters' goals.

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Nov. 29th, 2008

Boo Yah!

The novel is maybe half done -- the major conflict has been resolved, but the heroes have stumbled on a new conspiracy.

Now, to get back on my to do list. And to clean my apartment.

Eh, tomorrow...

(Thanksgiving was fun -- a meal with twenty-three people and a crazy amount of food, plus music and singing afterward.)

Nov. 19th, 2008


So, normally I worry about my second attempt at any challenge, or my first attempt after my first success. Because usually the first time I succeed I do so without really expecting to -- it's either 'I keep trying and one day I'll make it' or 'wow, did it on the first shot!'. Second time I'm cocky and overconfident going in, and I end up not being careful and screwing myself over.

Unfortunately for NaNo, it appears this was true on the third attempt, perhaps because my second attempt went so well. I'm still stuck around the mid twenties and want to get 30K tonight, which means essentially turning everything off and writing all evening tonight. A couple of good days (and I can do 3,500 words when uninterrupted for two hours, as that's my normal write-in rate) and I won't have to consider breaking out the emergency Word Count boost I have. (Basically, take a weekend and write 500 words an hour all day.)

There are lots of little things I could have done better -- the first weekend, I didn't get up a good start thanks to Halloween and being sick a couple of days ago is when I turned a treading water novel into one that was heading downhill.

But, I intend to keep going until the 30th, or I get my 50K.

I'll be on IM tonight, and open for word wars, but probably not that chatty otherwise.

Oct. 6th, 2008

Pre-NaNo moritorium

So, as part of my NaNo prep, I've sworn off SF for the month of October, so that I don't get too much genre leakage as I write. Still reading, just trying not to read anything that will subconsciously take up residence in my brain and come out later. I'm already worried that reading Accelerando fudged things up.

Also, I need a beta reader for a piece of Avatar: the Last Airbender fanfic I wrote. It's Aang-centric and has Katara/Aang, but that's not the focus of the plot.

Oct. 1st, 2008

Oh, October!

And, as is traditional, the NaNoWriMo site is already down due to overload. If pattern serves, they'll get it up soon, only to have it down again sometime in early November.

Speaking of, expect worldbuilding snippets to be posted here on the journal. Comments would be nice.

(Also, Ryan from work is also going to be NaNoWriMoing this year. We've been trying to talk other grad students into it. It doesn't work that well.)

Between DPS and trying to get as much non-NaNo things done in October so I can write in November, life will be busy. I already opted out of the October A round of MAX.

Sep. 27th, 2008

I forgot Rule #1...

No, not 'Never act incautiously around an unarmed, smiling bald old man'; that's the Discworld's Rule #1. My Rule #1 is 'the only way to write is to write'. Meaning that whenever I am just fooling around on the internet thinking 'man, I probably should be writing or drawing something', I should at least open my sketchbook/computer file/notebook and check my to-do list and actually try to work. Because usually it's just the lack of inertia that gets me to procrastinate things. And writing or drawing takes surprisingly little inertia to get me to do, because I like them. If I'm still not in the mood after I stare at things for a while, thats when I can probably assume I really don't want to write or draw right now.

So, I wrote and draw today. )