Aug. 16th, 2010

Story Ideas

I think I might be ripping off [info]limyaael, since I remember her mentioning something loosely like this. Hell, if we go with the general concept of extra-long seasons, well, George R R Martin has something to say about that.

But it was partially thinking about two things. One is Harvest Moon. In Harvest Moon, you have 30 days of spring, then, bam -- instant summer, all the spring crops still in the ground wilt, the wild plants, background music and general outdoorsness change. Conceptually I understand why this happens -- it's easier to program four seasons than early-mid-late (or even making every day slightly different), but it's kind of jarring, especially on the first of winter.

The second was thinking about language. We're not born speaking language, and I'm sure scientists argue back and forth about how much ground work we get from our genes. So it started wondering what a world would be like if we were born speaking and learning words was more a matter of learning the concepts. Especially if it was a language that changed in space and time, so our families wouldn't be able to understand us. How would parents talk to kids when it wasn't just the slang that changed, but even the basics of language -- or would they? And would anyone know how to learn a foreign language, since they never had to learn a first one.

So, my brain combined the two  )