Nov. 19th, 2008


So, normally I worry about my second attempt at any challenge, or my first attempt after my first success. Because usually the first time I succeed I do so without really expecting to -- it's either 'I keep trying and one day I'll make it' or 'wow, did it on the first shot!'. Second time I'm cocky and overconfident going in, and I end up not being careful and screwing myself over.

Unfortunately for NaNo, it appears this was true on the third attempt, perhaps because my second attempt went so well. I'm still stuck around the mid twenties and want to get 30K tonight, which means essentially turning everything off and writing all evening tonight. A couple of good days (and I can do 3,500 words when uninterrupted for two hours, as that's my normal write-in rate) and I won't have to consider breaking out the emergency Word Count boost I have. (Basically, take a weekend and write 500 words an hour all day.)

There are lots of little things I could have done better -- the first weekend, I didn't get up a good start thanks to Halloween and being sick a couple of days ago is when I turned a treading water novel into one that was heading downhill.

But, I intend to keep going until the 30th, or I get my 50K.

I'll be on IM tonight, and open for word wars, but probably not that chatty otherwise.