Jun. 8th, 2007

An Experiment...

Okay, if this shows up on my Insanejournal, which it should, then I found a journaling client that supports non-LJ journaling services.

ETA: Yay! So, anyone reading this on a Mac/with friends on a Mac, Phoenix allows for non-LJ posts.

Picking a Journal Layout

So, I really would like a better layout than the default + funny colors one I have now. And this layout is pretty customizable even for a freebie account like mine. The two journal layouts I've had so far have been astronomy-related, and now I'm tempted to do a fannish one for a change. Any suggestions? I'm this close to drawing it out of a hat of my favorite fandoms.

Also if anyone knows a Mac OSX journaling client that lets you set the server (or multiple servers), instead of defaulting to LJ, that would be great.

Also, hello! This is my first entry -- finally I can get rid of that 'never update' look here.