Aug. 20th, 2010

Insert Song Lyric Here

I finished the second draft of a paper I'm working on for work. Well, I still need to revise some figures and add one more from the modeling I had the laptop churn out* while I was messing around on the Intertubes on Wednesday. The nice thing is that I can do this from home, especially since I am much less easily distracted when not around a Wifi signal -- I have a router, but it's down because it tends to drop the signal more than just hooking the desktop to the modem.

Bit bummed after reading a story about how the DevART mods refused to remove a stamp (little icon expressing support for something) proclaiming that the maker was a proud homophobe. Apparently it doesn't qualify as hate speech. I left a long email to the site mods, and then posted it to my journal there, saying that I'm leaving if stuff doesn't happen within 10 days. Well, mostly -- I'd have to close off loose ends, like transfer modship of the groups I run. Which sucks, because I liked the people I met there, and there doesn't seem to be a good alternative for art communities.

It's really kind of a bummer.

There was a third thing, but I forget what it was. But it was a happy thing, I think. Oh, yes! I have a boatload of Dreamwidth codes, for anyone who needs them. Also I learned that apparently the mods will give out multi-use invites for RPG admins. Dreamwidth still doesn't compare to IJ when it comes to... well, MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF ICONS, but I hear talk that they are trying to build in a sort of internalized LJ-Login that will let you link multiple journals together so you don't have to log out and in to post. No idea about when they are coming up with this.

* Basically, I tell the laptop 'calculate what face of Hyperion will point at Saturn three months from this time and how fast it's spinning, compare it to the observations we have of Hyperion, and then do it 27,000 times, with different assumptions about what's going on in the interior'. Computers are good at doing repetitive things over and over.

Dec. 19th, 2009

Arts Stuff

(posted this yesterday, but it didn't get crossposted to IJ -- boo, daily downtime.)

I always find it amazing how much artwork I get done while at home. Even now, when there's wireless internet, I feel weird sitting at the computer all the time. Right now, I have a colored piece of Alri (my own character), monochrome Legend of Zelda fanart (inspired by a fic I wrote), a sketch for my Slayers Secret Santa partner and a piece I drew for Ben.

I also finally got a paid account for Dreamwidth, mostly because it's a lot less of a pain to cross-post things this way. Plus, it'll let me revive [ profile] invoking_urania (IU at Livejournal). Not moving over there -- I have a permanent account at Insanejournal and too many friends at LJ. I have a feeling that there won't be a consensus 'move fandom over' unless someone develops a way to get friendslist feeds from multiple services onto one server.

Back to writing. I defaulted on Yuletide, so I'll try to do the fic I promised in the New Year when I can do the rewatch I need. I still have something for [ profile] slayers_request, that is turning into a multichapter fic. If it hits past 10,000 words -- which it might -- I might have to draw a scene from it as the gift itself, and post the fic later. I'm only doing 1,000 words a day, after all.

Nov. 25th, 2007

December: Month of Things that Make Becca Squee

In honor of me finally spending the money I got for my birthday, I declare December the Month of Things that Make Becca Squee. As part of this month, every day (or, you know, when I think about it, since it is Christmas and I have a Yuletide fic due), I will make a post about a book or manga series that makes me squee with fannish glee.

So, if, you know you want new stuff to read, keep reading. Keep in mind, my tastes run to fantasy and science fiction.