Jul. 8th, 2007

Well, I'm home.

So, today I got up at o-dark-thirty (4:30 AM CDT) and managed to make it to the airport a bit more than an hour later... to find out that I missed my flight by minutes because we had written down the wrong time. I know, I'm a genius. But, for some reason, whatever mystical forces that govern airport standby travelers smiled on me* and I amaged to get back to Ithaca -- admittedly, I was routed through Denver and Washington DC. (All the fligths through Chicago were full, and this way made sure I'd get home no later than noon tomorrow.)

* Again. Both times I've missed a flight I was able to get home within 6 hours of my expected time.

My oregano plant appears half-dead, and I have no food in my apartment besides rice (and the buses stopped some time ago), but I'm home.

Also, Zanne, UO, J... anyone know why I can't get onto IRC?
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