Feb. 1st, 2010


I'm hoping this is just hormones, but I've felt on the edge of tears for the last couple of days. It's about the right time of month to be PMS, and that combined with the effing cold weather is not a happy combination. I need to dig out my DDR pad and get some exercise in.

It also killed my urge to write, which is a shame since I just got a reasonably long fic idea for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days -- if I finish it, I'll have to post it on Amnesty Day at the end of the month. Also killed my urge to roleplay, so if people wonder where my replies are, that's it.

That and my shoulder is starting to hurt again, which worries me since I stopped PT last week when it stopped hurting. It seems to me that when tendon pain stops, it's a good sign that stuff has healed. To have it start up again makes me think there might be deeper problems. I'll start doing the exercises my therapist assigned me again, and hope that helps bring the pain down.

Jan. 28th, 2010

Ithaca Winters

My heat went out sometime last evening -- nights are fine, since I have plenty of blankets (and a cat), but being awake (and out of my nice, warm, bed) was not fun. Thankfully, someone was already down to fix the heat when I left for work, and the problem should be clearing up by the time I get home. I also know this is what motivates me to get into work early -- having a <60°F apartment*.

Granted, I then wasted an hour hanging out with the other grad students and drinking tea, but I was doing so in my office.

I also can't find my hat, and the only one I could find was the Firefly Hat I crocheted a while back. Which was designed to be a silly hat for those of you who didn't see the episode it appeared in -- basically the show's amoral tough-guy gets a brightly-colored pom-pom-topped stocking cap (with earflaps) from his mother, and puts it on, without remarking on it besides that it's a 'cunning hat', while the rest of the cast present tries not to laugh. ("A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he's not afraid of anything.")

Mine is terribly warm -- I made it out of wool -- but it's a bit silly. Also, without realizing it, I put on the thigh-length brown cardigan my sister bought me for Christmas, so I also have a brown coat. (I'm mixing characters here.)

* The interior thermometer caps out at 60°F. Probably because that means you're either turning the heat on, or you have the AC on too much.

Sep. 8th, 2008

What do I really do with my life...

My weekend was good. I went to the annual Dept. of Astronomy Salsafest (the food, not the dance, though there was salsa music playing). I spent an hour helping to chop tomatoes for the Big Val of Salsa. (Seriously, picture one of those large Rubbermaid storage boxes that you keep in your closet. Then imagine it full of chopped tomatoes, peppers and onions.) There was also chili, black bean soup and hamburgers. After that, I went to anime club.

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On the other hand, my apartment needs to be cleaned urgently. If I can get some plots made tomorrow morning, I might go out for a late lunch, then go home to clean.

May. 19th, 2008

My Weekend

My weekend went well, if you ignore the fact I went way over budget on groceries (I was filling out my spice rack again, and buying some food for the end-of-year barbecue) and slept a bit too much.

My surge protector also blew out -- I think. I noticed that my computer wasn't starting up on Sunday morning*, but everything else seemed to be working. I started to fiddle with the surge protector, when I noticed the power button was lit, but the switch wasn't. I pushed at it, and then the switch fell out, with a spark. Needless to say, I quickly unplugged it and high-tailed it to Best Buy and got a new one. The computer was fine, once I got it plugged in again. I also got some new dishes to replace the bowls and plates I've broken, and a slow-cooker. Yay, more culinary adventures!

* Well, for loose definitions of morning.

I've also been working on a present for my cousin Dylan's baby-to-be (so my first cousin, once removed) -- he and his fiancée are expecting this summer, and are also getting married. Well, technically they are marrying civily, but my cousin doesn't believe in marriage as a religious institution or something, so it's just a civil marriage plus a party. Or something -- he used an unfamiliar term for it. Anyway, the shower is in three weeks, and I'm hoping to have things finished by then. Which means I'm crocheting like a mad woman. I'll post pictures when I'm done.

Never realized that first cousin once removed refers to both my parents' cousins and my cousins' offspring. Probably because I'm not used to thinking of my cousins as having kids, despite the fact that this will be the fifth*.

* I have nine first cousins on that side of the family. I'm the fifth oldest of twelve kids in that generation. And that's ignoring my second cousins. We're a clan.
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Dec. 17th, 2007

I'll be home for Christmas...

Everything is done. I even finished my Yuletide fic -- I'll post a link to it when the reveal comes. About the only thing I didn't get done was to color my MRCAeX and MAX pictures. I have them scanned and I'll color and upload them at home.

So, until then, I'm heading to Nebraska.
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