Jul. 6th, 2010


I keep wondering if I should keep my to-do list in my journal. Because all the cool kids are doing it.

Anyway, I need to preserve my vegetables, since the heat wave means I don't want to actually cook new things. Which means I still have to cook things -- most things need to be blanched before I can freeze them. But I can do it at 9PM with the AC on. I still have writing and art to do, and I need to stop playing with my flash cards and playing Portal. Especially since I've discovered some of the acrobatics I try to pull in Portal makes me motion sick. (Who knew rapid changes of view and perspective would be so disorienting?)

Also, a chance sale* meant that I already bought one Christmas gift for a friend. Well, more of a silly 'inside joke' kind of gift, so it might go with another small thing. If I get last year's gifts out before September, I'll maybe offer art, but other than that, I'm buying stuff this year. Because I'm still getting Christmas gifts out in effing July. I have a good idea about what to get several more, which is nice. And the only reason I'm thinking about this is that, hey, chance sale meant I got a gift for cheap, and I suspect the recipient will get a kick out of it.

* It was a 'If I break my habit of not writing, I can buy discounted gamer books. Plus Special Secret Surprise Gift'.

Bah, time to put on shorts (that are not PJs) and head to work. No way in hell am I walking, thanks to the heat.

Jan. 1st, 2010

Hope all of you had a nice New Year's Eve. Ours was spent trying to stay awake and trying to figure out if any of the New Years programming was worth watching. Well, that and watching Fox and the local cable company square off -- they didn't get the contract renewed in time, so it was likely that Fox would go off the air at midnight*. Fox is using the fact that the local college team is playing in a bowl game in the evening as a bit of leverage, as people will be upset if they can't see the Gators play.

Plus, there was arguing over when the decade starts -- I kind of like [livejournal.com profile] swan_tower's suggestion based on Mesoamerican calendars. The last day of the month is the 'seating' of the next. The last five days of the year** -- which tended to annoy ancient people because 365 was hard to split up evenly, while 360 was so easy -- were the seating of the next year. So any XXX0 year would be the last year of the decade, and the seating year of the next decade.

It also seems like my caffeine tolerance has progressed enough that I can have tea after dinner when tired, as long as I don't overdo it. There were fireworks on the beach, as well. Earlier, during daylight, we walked along the beach to look at the birds and stuff. There was supposed to be a manatee handing out by the pier, but he had left. I did see sea turtles, though.

2009 and 2010 )

Speaking of interesting milestones, Spirit the rover is coming up on six years on Mars on the 3rd. Though it's still stuck in a sand dune and two wheels are broken. Its sister-rover, Opportunity will have its six-year milestone later in January, and is currently cruising south to look at another crater. The New Horizons mission crossed the distance halfway mark on the 29th -- it is now closer to Pluto than it is to Earth, though its time halfway mark is later. (It slows down as it coasts away from the Sun, just like a ball thrown upward -- except this ball got a kick from Jupiter, so it's never coming back down towards the Sun.)

* Turns out that they decided to let it sit for a couple of hours.
** Or six, for leap years.
*** Though right now, my shoulder has been unhappy with me -- I must have did something on Tuesday to it. If it's still hurting when I get back to New York, I'm going to have to call into the Health Center and have someone check to rule out anything I need to be in a cast for, or need set.

Dec. 31st, 2009


I made it to Cape Canaveral safely, though my luggage had to take a later flight from Chicago. Dad's place is pretty nice -- he has a condo on the beach. Despite the recent terrorist thing, I didn't notice any change in security.

My trip to the Kennedy Space Center )

Dec. 25th, 2009

Christmas Redux

Snow's still coming down. Mom went out to check the roads, and said that there were drifts of a foot and a half.

Jenn and Matt made it to Matt's parent's place, but they live outside of town. Not as far outside as Dad lives, but enough that Matt's parents need to keep a personal plow to clear the driveway. A plow that didn't start this morning. Jenn is bound and determined to see us, which leaves us out of sorts until we know if (or when) she can take her little car out and drive to Mom's apartment.

As much as I love my mother, I wouldn't want to head outside in this weather. Jenn's stubborn like that.

It makes scheduling things like dinner and present-opening awkward, because we don't know when Jenn and Matt will be here, or if they will make it or get snowed in. Mom wants to make sure everyone will be fed and happy, which means making sure if Jenn comes in the afternoon, that there is food for her -- originally she was going to be in for the morning for presents and the evening for supper, but she's insisting that she spend some time with us, and already missed the morning.

Dec. 24th, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Nebraska

I'm sitting here in the dining room (well, dining area of the living room). It's snowing hard and the wind is blowing. My sister and brother-in-law are supposed to drive down from Omaha after he gets out of work and stay overnight at his family's place. Mom is trying to convince Jenn to stay home, but Matt is determined to come. Considering what it looks like out of my window, I think anyone who can avoid going outside is crazy.

It's a bit sad, since it's the first Christmas we might not have Jenn around. Even when she was in the college band, the team never got into bowl games that required her to leave -- sometimes she had to leave at noon on Christmas Day, but she was still there to open gifts in the morning.

Ironic, considering one reason I am running around like an idiot this holidays -- a triangle trip from Ithaca to Lincoln to Orlando and back (well, to Syracuse) -- is because I wanted to see everyone this time.

Also noticing my connections. The friends of mine from high school who don't do things like Facebook or LJ are people I have to re-connect with every time I come back. Everyone else I tend to keep up with, but I still like to see them again.