Sep. 27th, 2010

30DoS.18: What is the cutest pairing? Winry/Sheska

Day 18 - What is the cutest pairing? Winry/Sheska

I know I tend towards canon pairings, and this is not a canon pairing at all. But this one is just so adorable in the first anime.

Anyway, Winry is the main character's childhood friend, who in modern terms would be a biomedical engineer and in her world's terms is an automail mechanic -- she makes and fits prosthetics learning from her grandma.  )

Sep. 25th, 2010

30DoS.16: What is the pairing that is annoying me right now? Roy/Ed

Day 16 - What is the absolute worst pairing that is annoying me right now? Roy/Ed

I'm old enough to be live and let live about fandom. So I don't know if I'd call anything the 'absolute worse' since, that implies a lot stronger emotion than I normally give 'fictional characters dating'.

Again, I could name the boatload of crummy paranormal romance novels I've read here. Or Twilight. But I don't really remember the romance novels, and I'll at least admit that Twilight doesn't actively annoy me because I don't like the books in general and admit they are definitely Not My Thing. (In other words, it's easy for me to pretend Edward and Bella don't actually exist, so they can't annoy me that much.)

Or I could list my pet peeves, but a lot of them are in execution. )

Feb. 21st, 2010

Feeling productive!

I got all of the cleaning done today except for mopping my kitchen floor and cleaning out the bottom of the fridge where what used to be vegetables are currently engaging in an experiment to synthesize life under Martian temperatures. (That and cleaning the spice shelf, where, thanks to vanilla and almond extract spills, the bottom feels like the floor of a movie theater.)

I made (Indian) curried vegetables* for dinner, but think I need to work a bit on the recipe. I love the taste of Indian curries, but this one needs a bit more body, since the spice doesn't stick well to the veggies. It also may need meat/tofu/paneer**, depending on if my body decides that no, this is not enough for dinner. (I also had naan, but the first batch was lost to 'put in the oven to toast and forget about it'.)

Now, I can write or draw or something. Maybe watch anime for a bit, while the laundry runs. I kind of want to start FMA: Brotherhood. Part of it is because I want to get back into the fandom (because I'm insane) and maybe write a sequel to my AU.

The [ profile] scifibigbang is starting up in March (IIRC), so that means finding a story I want to write 25,000 words on. I could do the whole 'novelize my old comic' project so I can put that sucker to bed (this Big Bang allows original works of fiction), or I have some fanfiction prompts. The sad thing is the Slayers trilogy I really want to finish writing needs its third prompt, and I want something that can stand alone. (And a sequel to my FMA AU needs a bit more for me to come up with a driving plot, even if I have the setting and background thought out.) I shall have to go through my WIPs/plotbunny list and look for something that does not have much work on it, and that can work as a 25,000 word fiction idea.

* Distinguished from Thai curried vegetables -- the spice mix is different, and Thai curries involve a coconut milk base. Both are good.

** A sort of firm cheese. Also, yes, I will eat tofu, even though I am not a vegetarian.