Nov. 3rd, 2011

Good idea, bad idea

I'm trying to walk more, but taking a half-hour break in the mid afternoon for 'wander about campus' is making me tired. Or maybe I didn't sleep well last night.

Also learning there are vegetables I don't care for. Kale is kind of one -- it's not that bad with tomatoes and cheese on toast, but inevitably I don't use it until it's not good any more. Pumpkin may be another; I have some roasted pumpkin in my fridge and eating it with dinner is one of those 'swallow it quickly so it's done'. Which is a shame, since I like most veggies, so I shouldn't have to feel like they're medication.

In addition to at least half a cooked pumpkin, I also have an uncooked butternut squash. What to do with that...
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Feb. 1st, 2010


I'm hoping this is just hormones, but I've felt on the edge of tears for the last couple of days. It's about the right time of month to be PMS, and that combined with the effing cold weather is not a happy combination. I need to dig out my DDR pad and get some exercise in.

It also killed my urge to write, which is a shame since I just got a reasonably long fic idea for [ profile] 31_days -- if I finish it, I'll have to post it on Amnesty Day at the end of the month. Also killed my urge to roleplay, so if people wonder where my replies are, that's it.

That and my shoulder is starting to hurt again, which worries me since I stopped PT last week when it stopped hurting. It seems to me that when tendon pain stops, it's a good sign that stuff has healed. To have it start up again makes me think there might be deeper problems. I'll start doing the exercises my therapist assigned me again, and hope that helps bring the pain down.

Apr. 12th, 2009

I had fun yesterday, but now I am tired.

I forgot the best part of summer -- that I can walk everywhere. No more am I limited to the bus system or rides from friends for my means of transport -- well, more likely, I'll take the bus then walk.

But, anyway, yesterday Dave was having a barbecue for Zach, a friend of ours doing a postdoc in Canada, but back in town for this weekend. Dave doesn't live on a bus route (that I know of), but I was able to catch the bus to campus, then walk to his place -- discovering Google Maps now has a walking route feature. Downside was I stayed so late that I ended up both missing anime club and sunset, meaning I had to bum a ride off of another person to get home.

But, the party was fun -- we had hamburgers and played Rock Band and board games. Dave also said he would restart the D&D game we had last summer, but the problem was that last time we were playing a pre-generated adventure (Keep on the Shadowfell). The next adventure in the series is Thunderspire Labyrinth, but Dave thought it was a bit boring in its combat -- he said 'drugar* and more drugar'. So he wants to write up something original and interesting, except work is killing him dead. I wonder if I should offer to run something so he can sit at the other side of the screen for a bit. I'm not that innovative in combat, though.

* What Drow are to Elves, Drugar are to Dwarves. Except they get less flavor text, because they aren't Pretty.

I'm regretting walking today, as man am I sore. I guess I need to start walking to work again, to get back into shape -- it's about a half hour walk, with some mild hills. Yesterday, I had to head down the slope from the University to downtown-level (about 200 feet vertically, IIRC -- it used to be the shore of a lakefront). If I had walked back, I would have probably headed south to downtown for the bus, rather than climbing the hill to west campus (and another hill to central campus for Anime Club). Every map of Ithaca should include contours in my opinion.

And today is my cleaning day. *Sigh*
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