Sep. 27th, 2008

I forgot Rule #1...

No, not 'Never act incautiously around an unarmed, smiling bald old man'; that's the Discworld's Rule #1. My Rule #1 is 'the only way to write is to write'. Meaning that whenever I am just fooling around on the internet thinking 'man, I probably should be writing or drawing something', I should at least open my sketchbook/computer file/notebook and check my to-do list and actually try to work. Because usually it's just the lack of inertia that gets me to procrastinate things. And writing or drawing takes surprisingly little inertia to get me to do, because I like them. If I'm still not in the mood after I stare at things for a while, thats when I can probably assume I really don't want to write or draw right now.

So, I wrote and draw today. )

Jan. 31st, 2008


Yesterday was a day of lessons, as seen in my previous post. I also discovered that I had forgotten my #1 rule of creativity (discovered during NaNoWriMo):

Whenever complaining that one's writing/art muse has gone to Europe/Tahiti/Mars, the best cure is to write/draw anyway.

Also, I got a lightbox. It was cheap, and is a bit small (5" x 9"), but I already love it, since it lets me deal with the fact I am a very messy sketcher. So, I can do more watercolor and marker pieces that don't involve the 'draw lightly and erase' model. Now, to deal with the fact nice markers are expensive.