Oct. 30th, 2011

Doll Photos

So, I collect dolls. Because I'm a big old nerd. And then I take pictures of them...

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May. 15th, 2011


So, I collect dolls. And one of these days, I need to do a guide to my haul. I also customize dolls, and am getting slowly better* at it.

I prefer cheaper dolls rather than some of the nicer dolls my friends have -- the most expensive thing in my collection are a couple of American Girl Dolls, all of which were purchased second-hand**. Plus, I want something I can mess around with -- I'm not really a collector as much as a crafter and still mentally a little girl about dolls. I'm also a bit of a sheep -- witness being dragged into the Monster High fandom because all my doll friends were cooing over them. At first it was just a 'hey, unusually-colored or sculpted cheap dolls***'. Now I own a Frankie and kind of want the others. And, hey, $20 is not bad for impulse buys.

Monster High customization )

So, doll-collecting friends -- help for things that are roughly MH scale, cheap but look closer to human?

And a bit more on American Girls and customization )


* I am slightly embarrassed by the Calla I made my friend [livejournal.com profile] mirisa_ardruna -- since she was my first custom, I could do so much better now. For one, I could give the right hair and eye colors, and not just glue wefts on to make bangs.

** Plus AGs are huggable -- they have cloth bodies, even if they also have vinyl heads and limbs.

*** It's one reason why Cleo de Nile doesn't excite me much. Yay, a vaguely-Egyptian looking doll who is supposed to be a mummy and occasionally has bandages worked into her clothing. Good for customization, but not too interesting in a line where all the other dolls are supposed to be cute monsters.

**** And get flack, since I decided I wanted a Josefina-mold doll, and the only ones with blue eyes were retired. Eh, my money -- besides, 'normal' people buy these things for kids to play with.

(5) In before someone notes that Kaya and Josefina wouldn't consider themselves USAian, and Felicity's era was actually fighting over that. (Though even the loyalist colonists probably had some identity as Virginian or Bostonian or whatever, even if they didn't want to sever ties with Britain.) And Kirsten's first book start out in Sweden, while Addy's starts in an area that's currently seceding from the USA. Not to mention they made a doll of Molly's friend, Emily, who was a British girl living with Molly's family because Germany was bombing the tar out of Britain. So the criterion for 'American' in 'American Girl' seems to be 'lived in some part of the region now called the United States of America'.

Apr. 4th, 2011

To Do: Week of 4-10 April

What I didn't get done on my last to-do list:

+ An email to people I might want to talk to regarding jobs
+ Fixing the figures in one of my papers so it can go to my Adviser for proof-reading
+ Sunday cleaning
+ Landlady discussion about subletting the apartment (getting done today)
+ Manga reading (but I read a lot of books)
+ Posting a book review

I did get two pieces of art colored, finished a set of 31 stories, and started two stories that I needed to write. Plus started some crochet projects and got my code working on real data. Then found some problems that need to get fixed.

Adding the following to it:

+ Retool my stellar occultation model to fix some of the geometric assumptions I made and better handle multiple particle size (don't worry, this makes sense to me).
+ Decide what I'm taking from the [livejournal.com profile] ag_over_18 swap box and post it to the community.
+ Make the horribly late post about the fabric swap box (tonight, so no one gets confused).
+ Mail out the swap box
+ Do the lineart for my MAX drawing.
+ Finish making granny squares for the vest I'm working on. (I have six or so done, the vest takes 11 full squares and 4 half-squares.)
+ Write 750 words per day, or about 5000 words this week. Of those, about 3,000 need to be on my big bang story.
+ Start the contest on my DevART site.
+ Upload at least some of the art on my personal site and post it to [personal profile] invoking_urania

Feb. 4th, 2011

Have a craft

So, ongoing project is customizing whatever kind of dolls I find to look like characters I play. I've made a doll for [livejournal.com profile] mirisa_ardruna (of her character, Calla) and a Riza Hawkeye for [info]emilie_burns, and also have two dolls (Alri and Phillee) in progress for me.

I didn't paint Calla's face, though I should have*. Riza and Alri got touch-ups to take off the heavy makeup and change eye colors. Riza got a haircut and Alri also got some bangs rooted in with a needle.

Phillee was a challenge. For those of you who don't know my old webcomic, she's a blue-skinned webbed-digited alien. I wrote her off as 'can't do it', until I saw the Monster High dolls, who had Lagoona Blue, a blue-skinned, webbed-finger sea monster.

So, I got one, and a wig** and face repaint later, and some time with Mister Sandpaper and the dynamic duo of Razor and Scissors to deal with Lagoona's arm fins. (Incidentally, her forearms and hands are made of translucent plastic instead of the opaque stuff of the rest of her body), and I ended up with this:

Internet Says: Cut your photos! )

Now I get the task of sewing clothing. And possibly taking my act on the road, since my doll-collecting friends inform me that they are crazy for stuff that fits Monster High dolls.

* There are a lot of things I should have done differently. For one, I could have rooted the extra hair I added to Calla -- I did for Alri.

** Two wigs: the first one I got was the wrong color, so I ended up buying a shaggy one off Etsy made of fake fur, of all things.
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