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Dec. 9th, 2012


I'll post something substancial later, but for my crafty friends -- figure out some use for the dozen Nintendo DS boxes I have lying around. They're like DVD cases, but smaller/different proportions. I already store the games in smaller cases because the games themselves are only slightly larger than a postage stamp. (Seriously, Nintendo, I'd rather you go back to the cardboard box that comes with a tiny hard plastic game case and an instruction book -- the original Game Boy/Game Boy Color method. Even if the DS boxes include storage space for a Game Boy Advance game as well.)

May. 15th, 2011


So, I collect dolls. And one of these days, I need to do a guide to my haul. I also customize dolls, and am getting slowly better* at it.

I prefer cheaper dolls rather than some of the nicer dolls my friends have -- the most expensive thing in my collection are a couple of American Girl Dolls, all of which were purchased second-hand**. Plus, I want something I can mess around with -- I'm not really a collector as much as a crafter and still mentally a little girl about dolls. I'm also a bit of a sheep -- witness being dragged into the Monster High fandom because all my doll friends were cooing over them. At first it was just a 'hey, unusually-colored or sculpted cheap dolls***'. Now I own a Frankie and kind of want the others. And, hey, $20 is not bad for impulse buys.

Monster High customization )

So, doll-collecting friends -- help for things that are roughly MH scale, cheap but look closer to human?

And a bit more on American Girls and customization )


* I am slightly embarrassed by the Calla I made my friend [livejournal.com profile] mirisa_ardruna -- since she was my first custom, I could do so much better now. For one, I could give the right hair and eye colors, and not just glue wefts on to make bangs.

** Plus AGs are huggable -- they have cloth bodies, even if they also have vinyl heads and limbs.

*** It's one reason why Cleo de Nile doesn't excite me much. Yay, a vaguely-Egyptian looking doll who is supposed to be a mummy and occasionally has bandages worked into her clothing. Good for customization, but not too interesting in a line where all the other dolls are supposed to be cute monsters.

**** And get flack, since I decided I wanted a Josefina-mold doll, and the only ones with blue eyes were retired. Eh, my money -- besides, 'normal' people buy these things for kids to play with.

(5) In before someone notes that Kaya and Josefina wouldn't consider themselves USAian, and Felicity's era was actually fighting over that. (Though even the loyalist colonists probably had some identity as Virginian or Bostonian or whatever, even if they didn't want to sever ties with Britain.) And Kirsten's first book start out in Sweden, while Addy's starts in an area that's currently seceding from the USA. Not to mention they made a doll of Molly's friend, Emily, who was a British girl living with Molly's family because Germany was bombing the tar out of Britain. So the criterion for 'American' in 'American Girl' seems to be 'lived in some part of the region now called the United States of America'.

Apr. 4th, 2011

To Do: Week of 4-10 April

What I didn't get done on my last to-do list:

+ An email to people I might want to talk to regarding jobs
+ Fixing the figures in one of my papers so it can go to my Adviser for proof-reading
+ Sunday cleaning
+ Landlady discussion about subletting the apartment (getting done today)
+ Manga reading (but I read a lot of books)
+ Posting a book review

I did get two pieces of art colored, finished a set of 31 stories, and started two stories that I needed to write. Plus started some crochet projects and got my code working on real data. Then found some problems that need to get fixed.

Adding the following to it:

+ Retool my stellar occultation model to fix some of the geometric assumptions I made and better handle multiple particle size (don't worry, this makes sense to me).
+ Decide what I'm taking from the [livejournal.com profile] ag_over_18 swap box and post it to the community.
+ Make the horribly late post about the fabric swap box (tonight, so no one gets confused).
+ Mail out the swap box
+ Do the lineart for my MAX drawing.
+ Finish making granny squares for the vest I'm working on. (I have six or so done, the vest takes 11 full squares and 4 half-squares.)
+ Write 750 words per day, or about 5000 words this week. Of those, about 3,000 need to be on my big bang story.
+ Start the contest on my DevART site.
+ Upload at least some of the art on my personal site and post it to [personal profile] invoking_urania

Mar. 28th, 2011

Well, since everyone else is doing them...

To Do: Week of March 28 to 3 April
-- Various 'beginning of month' errands, such as dropping off rent, checking for bills, etc.
-- Discussing with my landlady the possibility of subletting my apartment if I leave before next year's lease is up.
-- Saturday groceries, Sunday cleaning, the usual.

-- Update my work website and make it non-ugly and current. Possibly add stuff, but I'll settle for current.
-- Draft at least one email introducing me to someone who might get me a job.
-- Redo the graphs on my solar occultation paper so I can hand it off to the adviser for a look-over
-- Take the stellar occultation model I'm working on and see if I can apply it to data.

-- Finish as many [livejournal.com profile] 31days_exchange prompts as I can before the 1st.
-- Post the ones I have finished.
-- Write something either for [community profile] no_true_pair or work my Big Bang fic. (Or both.)
-- Color my MAX and CMRAeX (or are we CAX now?) pictures.

-- Locate where I put my leftover sport-weight yarn.
-- Related: clean out the yarn bin.
-- Work on [livejournal.com profile] ag_over_18 swap stuff and try to get at least one vest started.

-- Read through my pile o' manga.
-- Post some book reviews of stuff I've read recently.

Feb. 4th, 2011

Have a craft

So, ongoing project is customizing whatever kind of dolls I find to look like characters I play. I've made a doll for [livejournal.com profile] mirisa_ardruna (of her character, Calla) and a Riza Hawkeye for [info]emilie_burns, and also have two dolls (Alri and Phillee) in progress for me.

I didn't paint Calla's face, though I should have*. Riza and Alri got touch-ups to take off the heavy makeup and change eye colors. Riza got a haircut and Alri also got some bangs rooted in with a needle.

Phillee was a challenge. For those of you who don't know my old webcomic, she's a blue-skinned webbed-digited alien. I wrote her off as 'can't do it', until I saw the Monster High dolls, who had Lagoona Blue, a blue-skinned, webbed-finger sea monster.

So, I got one, and a wig** and face repaint later, and some time with Mister Sandpaper and the dynamic duo of Razor and Scissors to deal with Lagoona's arm fins. (Incidentally, her forearms and hands are made of translucent plastic instead of the opaque stuff of the rest of her body), and I ended up with this:

Internet Says: Cut your photos! )

Now I get the task of sewing clothing. And possibly taking my act on the road, since my doll-collecting friends inform me that they are crazy for stuff that fits Monster High dolls.

* There are a lot of things I should have done differently. For one, I could have rooted the extra hair I added to Calla -- I did for Alri.

** Two wigs: the first one I got was the wrong color, so I ended up buying a shaggy one off Etsy made of fake fur, of all things.
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Jan. 31st, 2011

It Feels like Wednesday...

Don't ask me why, but it does. Maybe because tonight I have two pieces of art to finish before I'm allowing myself to sign on to RPGs and such*. So I'll probably be on Skype for company.

Also, for my doll-collecting/customizing friends: I learned today that trying to take off the lipstick on a Lagoona Monster High doll requires care or you end up staining a lot of the face vinyl with a slight pink tinge. (It doesn't look that bad, since it ended up mostly in the cheek/nose/chin area where a (red-blooded) person might be a bit pinker anyway, but worth noting.)

* Except SLT. Why can't I quit you?

Jan. 28th, 2011

Meme from dark-skada

I promise to send something handmade to the first 56 people who leave a comment here. They in turn must post this statement and send something they make to the first 5 (or 6) people who comment on their blog post.

The only other rules are that:

1) it must be handmade by you and,
2) it must be sent to your 5 people sometime within 2011.

Probable crafts are small crocheted things (hats, scarves, gloves, socks), or art (digital or painted) or possibly sewing.

1. [livejournal.com profile] dqbunny
2. [livejournal.com profile] dark_skada
3. [livejournal.com profile] caitirin
4. [livejournal.com profile] earthstar_chan
5. [livejournal.com profile] chaypeta
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Oct. 25th, 2010

One of those days

I'm treating a sinus... thing* right now, so I get to wake up with a sore throat every day as nasty stuff in my head finally drains off. It's still screwing me up, so I also am still getting the sinus headaches. As a result, I'm cranky, and I overslept today.

Add in that I had to hang around the apartment to move the anime club archives on Saturday -- which also involved me hauling a car-load of stuff up half a flight of stairs.

And it doesn't help that I've got a million things to do before I start NaNoWriMo -- well, three pictures and finishing my Halloween costume. Which involved me swearing at the sewing machine when I tried to finish seams last night. Decided it wasn't worth my sanity to practice this now. It also makes me want a serger like burning, since that finishes seams on its own. (But might induce more sewing-realted insanity.)

On the other hand, I'm learning a lot more about sewing. Like how to properly press a seam and sew in a zipper. And using interfacing.

If I didn't have work stuff every day, I'd take a day off to clean stuff and work on projects. And to recover sanity. It's tempting to do so anyway -- show up for a meeting and go back home.

* My sinuses are clogged, but so far it's just mucus and not anything bacteria/viral. Which meant I was told to switch to an expectorant and given a steroidal nasal spray that's supposed to help the holes in my head expand enough to let things drain.

Apr. 11th, 2010

The Almighty To-do list

So, because I got a lot of stuff to take care of, it's all getting listed here.

1. Re-read the 'In the Shadows...' parts I have written and let it simmer so that I can get at least 5,000 words by the end of the month.
2. Get at least one short story done for [livejournal.com profile] story_lottery, since I did sign up for it. Due at the end of the month.
3. Maybe do a FF9 fic for [info]areyougame's retiring prompts. Due at the end of the month.

1. MAX's April A round. I'm opting out of art for April B, because I have a conference in the last week of April.
2. [livejournal.com profile] mrcaex's April round.
3. Art for [livejournal.com profile] aubigbang, due by 4 May.
4. Or FF9 art for [info]areyougame's retiring prompts. Due at the end of the month.

I got three requests for the [livejournal.com profile] ag_over_18 craft swap. Those need to be done by 22 May. So far I got...
1. 18" doll sized 1970's era crocheted vest.
2. 18" doll sized afghan. The recipient is mailing me some leftover yarn.
3. Unspecified small item.
4. Possibility of two more small items -- the slots are open, but no one else has asked.

Plus, you know, that conference.

Feb. 19th, 2010

Blahs and Headaches and Creativity

I have a bit of a case of the winter blahs. Compounded by the fact I finally tracked down a problem in my work that meant that the data I had been presenting for a year was processed wrong. At least it was a case of 'the effect still exists, but has a different magnitude', rather than 'it doesn't exist. And occasional headaches.

Good things: [livejournal.com profile] ag_over_18 started a weekly voice chat for crafters. There's a focus on 'making doll stuff', since it is a doll-collecting community, but it gives me a chance to work on crafts with people keeping me company. And voice chats do seem to help with moodiness when I can't get out to people, and doing sewing while I talk makes me feel like I'm being productive. Maybe this is a sign I need to take up the Sunday afternoon Feminist Stitch and Bitches the Cornell Women's Resource Center puts on. I already tend to bring crafts to informal stuff the department does, when I'm not taking notes or eating -- the lunch talks and the weekly grad student seminar/journal club. Having something to do with my hands that doesn't take up much brain space away from listening helps -- I bring these things to anime club, too. (One point in favor of dubs is that it's easier to work while watching.)

My art is making me pretty happy. I need to do more of it -- that and promote the exchanges I'm in* (and work on the exchange pages I have to include all my characters). I'm also feeling inspired to start writing something on my comic, so I have it done and put to bed. That and singing helps with the winter blues.

Not the headaches though. I don't know if they are caused by sinus congestion or what, but I'm really getting sick of them, because I can't focus until the painkillers kick in.

* Hint: if you have original characters (gaming characters, comics/writing projects -- heck, at least one person has old OCs from fandoms), and can draw reliably enough to produce a picture once or twice a month, ask me about this. The power of art trades compels you!

Sep. 27th, 2009

Productive Day

What I did today:
-- Polished my presentation for the Division of Planetary Sciences 2009 meeting based on comments I got from grad students on Friday.
-- Did two sketches -- one for MAX, one for [info]mrcaex. I'll see how they look tomorrow before coloring them
-- Cut out all the pieces for my exchange gift for [info]ag_over_18
-- Finished a fic for [info]fma_fic_contest
-- Finished reading The Mermaid's Madness

What I'm going to do now:
-- See how many words I can get on my fic for[info]scifibigbang before bed

What I would have liked to do:
-- Grade the dozen essays I have to do tomorrow.
-- Go over a report to ask a colleague for help.
-- Do my dishes

Jan. 29th, 2009

Science, Writing, and Science Writing

I sometimes wonder if I should practice my science blogging skills by writing up the weekly colloquiums that my department holds, or at least the ones I don't fall asleep in. So far, it's been a good semester, despite both presentations being on interstellar dust. Then again, the first presenter was a researcher from our department with a good speaking style so he can make something like 'crap in space'* interesting. The second guy also had a good send-up and it was partially interesting to me since he was using some of the same techniques that I use for Saturn's rings on the Interstellar Medium.

* This is my friend Cece's nickname for the Interstellar Medium back in undergrad. We had a whole semester talking about it, thanks to Nebraska offering three astronomy courses, all of which an astro-focused person needed to take. Well, technically four, but the fourth was removed from the coursebook my freshman year after they realized that no one could teach it, and that had been the case for years. So everyone took 'Stellar Atmospheres and Interiors', 'Galactic Astronomy' and 'Physics of the Interstellar Medium' after they did the 'Astronomy for Majors' and 'Astronomy Lab'. It wasn't that bad, since you can get a lot of basic astronomy out of what's going on, and meant that I've had more repetitions of radiative transfer than any sane human being really wants.

So, anyone want to hear about what I learned about Crap in Space? It's interesting, I promise.

Writing is going well. I got back some concrit on the Cordelia/Aral story, and want to take a looksee at the story for editing. I'm also breaking a normal habit. Normally, I write drabbles in a universe first before I try to do full-length fiction. Well, except for Yuletide, where I don't get a choice, or when I crazily sign up for a ficathon. But, now I'm trying to write my first Firefly story, when I haven't ever written for that fandom before. Mostly because it came out of the Random Fanfic Prompt Generator I wrote. It's weird.

(Speaking of Bujold, the latest book came out on Tuesday. I need to go to the bookstore and pick it up.)

Also drawing. I have two exchange pictures due, then I promise I'll start work on those meme pictures. I haven't forgotten. Expect an art dump soon.

Jan. 18th, 2009

Random Things

New phone features baffle users. I admit, I laughed here, mostly because I am one of those people who just wants a cell phone, and doesn't want to pay for anything else -- no camera, no mp3 player, no games, no web browsing. Because I either already own something that does that better, or I really don't need it. (Okay, I do occasionally use the alarm when visiting people, and the clock when I lose my watch. So a cell phone and a clock, and a place to keep phone numbers, and maybe the occasional text message.)

In more irksome news, I can't find my yarn needle, and didn't discover this until hours after I went to the craft store.

ETA: Five minutes later, i find it. On my bookself in my bedroom, five inches from my wristwatch (also missing).

Jan. 14th, 2009


I'm a bit annoyed with Ravelry, which is a social networking site for knitters and crocheters. Most of the pages cannot be seen except if you are logged in, so if you found out someone has made, say, Wobbuffett mittens, you can't share it with a person who is not a member.

Also annoyed with the Slayers fandom, mostly because as soon as the raws go up, discussion of the new episodes starts. I don't generally watch raws because... well, I won't follow the plot, since my Japanese knowledge is limited to greetings and asking where the train station is, plus a lot of stuff you pick up from fandom*. And Slayers isn't quite as out there for me to be able to not care what the plot is.

* There is something wrong with the universe when I can say 'Stop! My butt hurts!', but can't ask where the bathroom is. Oh, fandom. Why must you be... well... fandom.

I'm worried that as soon as there's an actual translation, people will be moving on. (I don't know what the fansub status is, since fannish etiquette demands that since the anime is licensed and the licensing company has asked subbers to stop distribution, that fansubbing stop. The odds that this actually happens is slim to nil, given the 'Need it now!' attitude of most fans**.)

** Not gonna lie -- including me. I know this is an entitlement issue, and that I'm lucky that the things I like will be translated and licensed at all, and that I don't have to hunt down bootleg VHSs at cons, or ask for copies from the Creepy Guy at my high school. But... well, other people will be talking about it without me.

Dec. 9th, 2008

Bored at Work

I just finished a report on what I've been doing, and a bunch of graphs for my adviser to look at. I'm gonna print those out and then I don't know what I'm gonna do. Maybe put together some notes on the F ring. The next step in this project is to get my adviser's opinion on conclusions and turn my report into a paper, and the next step in my other project is a meeting on Friday. So, about all I can do is that F ring stuff, which is stalled since Matt took the lead on that project, and he's pretty much working on some other stuff on the E ring for now.

I'll stall until 4 PM, then go out shopping. There's some stuff I need to get at the crafts store.
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Jun. 4th, 2008

More Yarncraft!

I have an account on Ravelry. It's a gallery/social networking site for knitters and hookers crocheters.

if this interests you, take a look. No pictures up yet, but there might be later in the week.

May. 28th, 2008

World-Wide Knit in Public Day


So, I found this* -- apparently June 14 is World-Wide Knit in Public Day. (Crocheters (hookers? ^_^) and other portable fabric crafts welcome). So, expect me to head out to the Ithaca Commons with a lawn chair, a bottle of water, a big ol' bag of yarn and the afghan I want to finish for my sister.

It's weird how I consider crochet as one of my geeky hobbies, despite the fact it (and cooking) are one of the most traditional, in-gender-role things that I do. (The, again, I'm one of those people who's made Harry Potter House Scarves and FMA slippers for her friends... so maybe crochet is a geeky hobby.)

* Thanks to the CrochetCrochet comm on LJ.
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May. 19th, 2008

My Weekend

My weekend went well, if you ignore the fact I went way over budget on groceries (I was filling out my spice rack again, and buying some food for the end-of-year barbecue) and slept a bit too much.

My surge protector also blew out -- I think. I noticed that my computer wasn't starting up on Sunday morning*, but everything else seemed to be working. I started to fiddle with the surge protector, when I noticed the power button was lit, but the switch wasn't. I pushed at it, and then the switch fell out, with a spark. Needless to say, I quickly unplugged it and high-tailed it to Best Buy and got a new one. The computer was fine, once I got it plugged in again. I also got some new dishes to replace the bowls and plates I've broken, and a slow-cooker. Yay, more culinary adventures!

* Well, for loose definitions of morning.

I've also been working on a present for my cousin Dylan's baby-to-be (so my first cousin, once removed) -- he and his fiancée are expecting this summer, and are also getting married. Well, technically they are marrying civily, but my cousin doesn't believe in marriage as a religious institution or something, so it's just a civil marriage plus a party. Or something -- he used an unfamiliar term for it. Anyway, the shower is in three weeks, and I'm hoping to have things finished by then. Which means I'm crocheting like a mad woman. I'll post pictures when I'm done.

Never realized that first cousin once removed refers to both my parents' cousins and my cousins' offspring. Probably because I'm not used to thinking of my cousins as having kids, despite the fact that this will be the fifth*.

* I have nine first cousins on that side of the family. I'm the fifth oldest of twelve kids in that generation. And that's ignoring my second cousins. We're a clan.
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Jan. 17th, 2008

I forgot why I don't normally make afghans

Because they take forever and it's hard to see progress. I started my second afghan three days ago, and I've done 4 rows (2 inches). On an afghan that is going to be 48". Yeah.

At least the pattern is simple enough that I can do it while I watch TV*. I ought to start bringing it to lunch seminars. Though I'm not sure how well that will go over.

* I think I impressed a few people in anime club by working on Sara's scarf while I watched subtitled anime in a darkened room -- the pattern was simple enough I could work by touch without needing to see what I was doing.

(I am also in love with this icon I made. Not sure why.)

Aug. 18th, 2007

So, I had adventures in crafting today, as I started thinking about Christmas presents.

Part One: The Yarn Store (Yes, there are stores that sell only yarn, and yarn related accessories)
Oooh, pretty. And soft. And also expensive. Darn it, all the measurements are in metric, and my pattern's in English units. ::takes out calculator:: Wow, very expensive. But, still so pretty. Wait, do any of my friends have allergies to wool and/or alpaca? Will they know how to wash wool/alpaca without it felting up? Maybe I better hold off. I'll check the other craft store.

Part Two: The Craft Store With a Sale on Yarn.
Excluding Cheap Acrylic Yarn, this isn't much cheaper. -_- And there's no selection. The craft store at the mall has a better selection. I'll hold off.

Yes, I'm planning on making at least some presents. Which means I needed to start a couple of months ago.

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