Oct. 31st, 2008

One of my favorite comic storylines ever...

Was the Something Positive Halloween 2006 story. One of the things I like about S*P is that while its cast of twenty-somethings with varying degrees of misanthropy does occasionally engage in the thing we fantasize about doing when someone pisses us off, there's a good mix of showing these characters are human, and gut punches in that showing that sometimes a snarky retort isn't going to magically make things better.

This is one of those storylines -- a mix of snarky commentary and a gut punch at the end. Plus, demon ferrets. (Which are cute -- I want one.)

It starts here. I so suggest you read through the entire story before making comments. And don't forget to read the bylines at the bottom of the comic.

Jun. 12th, 2007

Miko Miyazaki --
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Miko Miyazaki -- <spoilers!>

Here be spoilers for Monday's Order of the Stick )

And, yes, I'm writing about my emotional reaction to a webcomic about D&D stick figures. Deal. Also, the folks at Wikipedia do fast work -- the bit above was already on OotS's page.