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Jul. 18th, 2010


I finished reading Tongues of Serpents, the most recent installment of the Temeraire series. And, well, I have some thoughts about the direction of the series.

Spoilers for everything! )

Mar. 18th, 2010

Book Reviews

Manga reviews later...

A Local Habitation by Seanan McGuire
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The Revolution Business by Charles Stross
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City of Night by Michelle Sagara-West
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Jul. 16th, 2009

Book Review: The Stepsister Scheme

This is cross-posted from my Goodreads account.

The Stepsister Scheme by JIm Hines )

Overall, I liked it better than the ones Mercedes Lackey does.

Jul. 13th, 2008

Book Reviews

It is a rainy, miserable day, and I want to sleep until tomorrow. The fact I burned my left thumb cooking lunch does not help -- I took some painkillers, but I still can barely move it.

Talking about the Temeraire series, by Naomi Novik )

So, I just finished the most recent book... you might want to skip this if you want to be unspoiled for previous books.

Victory of Eagles in specific -- spoilers for earlier books )

Jul. 12th, 2008

Ugh (also book review)

Dropped my glasses today while getting out of the shower, then stepped on them. As a result, the arms are bent all funny. So, now I have to go see if I can get them repaired. Thankfully, I can see without them, and still have my old pair. Also managed to sleep 12 hours -- I came home late last night and just passed out. (Yesterday, I had to stop at the mall to get a pair of sneakers.)

Incidentally, I discovered that being hit by a car took about half of the life out of my sneakers. Normally sneakers last about two years before I walk through the soles at the heels. This time, the cloth part of the left shoe ripped open -- exactly the part that hit the concrete first when I was hit by a car last August. Should have asked the insurance company for $40 for a new pair of shoes.

Book Review: Abhorsen by Garth Nix )

Next on the reading list: Victory of Eagles by Naomi Novik. I have some pretty long thoughts on the Temeraire series, so expect my review for that to be more than just 'Whee! Book #5'. I've also been putting my book reviews on , if you want to see them.

Jul. 5th, 2008

Review: Jhegaala by Steven Brust

The local Borders has this tendency to break street date on books (well, not Harry Potter -- they aren't insane, after all). I first noticed this when it came to Ink and Steel. Now, I just finished Jhegaala, which was due out on the eighth.

Review )

Jul. 2nd, 2008

Manga series

I am rereading Claymore, because I just got Volume #11, and want to be sure I remember the story.

And, wow, I forget how short manga volumes are. I've been reading a lot of novels, even serial ones, and I'm still used to the idea that one book = one story. That's not as true in the manga publishing. I mean, if I had to turn Claymore into a series of books, I'd probably cap it at the end first longer story arc that starts in Volume #2 and ends partway through #3. (Book #2 would be the flashback sequence showing how Claire became a Claymore).

Not to say that manga isn't awesome. It's just a concept shift to have to get used to reading things in that way. Especially since I barely get beyond the stereotypes in the first volume -- Raki comes off as 'naive sidekick meant to show hero's human side' and Claire is 'cold, part-monster warrior with Hidden Heart of Gold'. Heck, swap out 'part-human' for 'genetically-engineered space-elf' and you have Crest of the Stars. (Though Jinto gets his chance to shine before Raki does -- then again, the Seikai Trilogy manga crams a remarkable amount of plot into itself.) The characters develop and gain in complexity as they go, but it's like only having the first act of a play, or the sample chapters of a novel.

First volumes of manga seem to be known for this. Slayers feels the same way, as does Planetes -- Volume #1 is clearly short stories to get people sold on the heroes and the world. It makes sense, since these are probably the things that the editors of manga magazines are looking at to see if the series has legs. At that point, you want to see if people care enough to be invested in Vast Overarching Plot. (Same way most first-anythings-of-a-series generally stand alone, in case the publisher says 'Yeah, that didn't sell so good. Don't do it again'.)

After my reread, I might write a full review of Claymore. Maybe I'll even do the rest of the re-read over the weekend, so I can get it in one gulp.

Jun. 30th, 2008

Book Review: Ink and Steel

So, in my quest to distract myself from impending doom my A exam, I picked up Elizabeth Bear's newest novel, Ink and Steel. Originally this was going to be my reward for finishing my A, since it was due to be released July 1, but the nice people at Borders let this one out early. (I really hope they don't get into trouble.) I put off reading it until yesterday, since I knew it would be engrossing -- most of Bear's books are, and her Promethean Age books are especially. I had reread both of them before this.

Book review. No spoilers, though )

Bit of a warning -- if you don't like fiction where most people are either historical or legendary figures (everyone from Lucifer to Queen Elizabeth to the original Puck), this will not be your kind of book. Similarly, if you are the sort who will defend passionately theories about dead English poets/playwrights, and can't stand even a fictional interpretation of their lives contrary to your theories, don't read this.

Jun. 29th, 2008

It's not you, it's me

Break from A Exam studying -- have a book series review!

Has anyone ever had the experience where they didn't enjoy a book (or enjoyed it less than they might have) because it was about something they didn't think it was about?

I read Lilith Saintcrow's Dante Valentine series, about a Necromance(r)* bounty hunter. The first book involves her getting hired by Lucifer (yes, that Lucifer, even if most Judeo-Christian theology Does Not Apply) to chase down a renegade demon who was also a serial killer who killed Dante's lover, Doreen. And...SPOILERS for the first two or three books! )

So, Lilith Saintcrow and Dante Valentine -- it was a good set of books, but it's not you; it's me. Also, I just bought the first Jill Kismet book and I just hope that Jill remains distinct in my mind from Dante. I mean, I like sarcastic, strong women with interesting abilities and angsty pasts as much as the next person, but I like them to be different.

Jun. 23rd, 2008

Oh, the farmer and the Lakewalker should be friends... (On Social Fantasy)

On Social Fantasy...

This blog post may contain spoilers for Lois McMaster Bujold's Sharing Knife books...

Once upon a time... )

May. 11th, 2008

Attack of the Reviews! (2/2)

Herein lies reviews. And also My Thoughts on Romance.

So, this time, I'm reviewing Blue Moonby Lori Handeland, Naked in Death by J D Robb (aka Nora Roberts), and The Sharing Knife: Passage by Lois McMaster Bujold.

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And, in the time it took me to write these reviews, I already read two other books. And need to reshelve all of mine. And maybe find a spot for a new bookshelf.

May. 7th, 2008

Book Reviews! (Part 1 of 2)

So, about half of these I got thanks to buying two books of short stories -- My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding and My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon and reading them on the bus when I visited my friend Katie. I had mostly bought them because Jim Butcher had thrown in a Dresden Files short for both of them -- Wedding featured the wedding of Billy and Georgia the werewolves and also Murphy meeting Bob, and Honeymoon had an adventure with Harry and Miss Gard (Johnny Marcone's supernatural security consultant).

The short story books themselves were decent -- there were some hits and misses in there, but it had a wide variety of authors, generally centered around the urban/historical fantasy and romance. So, I picked out a few authors I had liked the work of, and bought their books. (Well, ordered them through Paperback Swap -- I had a bunch of credit stored up.)

Between that, some recs form fiends, and a new book in a series I read coming out, I had plenty to read when I visited Colorado.

Long Reviews are Long )

And, I'm turning this in for now. More later!