Jan. 17th, 2009

Today and Babylon 5!

I had a nice day today. I got a free lunch since I went out to Applebee's and their kitchen was just swamped, so I sat there for a long time (reading, mostly). Both my waiter and his manager came over to talk to me, and the manager was the one who said my lunch was on the house... I wasn't even going to say anything, since I didn't have anywhere I had to be. Plus, I took about half my sandwich and some fries home, which, in my mind, means that I am turning into my mother*.

(Okay, so I left a tip, since it wasn't my waiter's fault that the kitchen was backed up.)

* My mother does this at restaurants. She'll get a sandwich, eat half, take the other half home, and give about half of her fries to my brother. She also orders muffins on the side of breakfast food, or cornbread at Boston Market, and it comes home in a bag.

Anyway, after dinner I ended up watching the pilot of Babylon 5 for a Livejournal rewatch. Not bad, but there were some things I wondered.

Spoilers and Nitpicks )