Feb. 24th, 2010

But February made me shiver...

Hearing a lot of annoying things in politics today -- like the NPR story on the Texas Primary, about the candidate who is 'pro-life, no exceptions'. When yesterday I read about a woman in Nicaragua who is being denied life-saving cancer treatment because she's pregnant and it will kill the baby -- abortion is a death-penalty offense in Nicaragua, no exceptions. (Never mind that the cancer is doing a pretty good job of killing the mother, which will kill the baby. Did I mention she has a ten year old at home?) Earlier today, I read an article on animal-rights activists stalking scientists to the point of rapping on their home windows periodically and passing out fliers at their children's schools telling them that little Johnny/Janey's daddy kills puppies. And a friend linked an article about how more and more it seems like people treat even facts like where the president was born as subjective facts subject to their own biases. If you show them the sources, they just either deny the authenticity or move the goalposts.

More and more I get the impression that people don't think, especially outside their little bubbles. It's depressing and I want to curl up into a ball until people get smarter. (The freezing rain doesn't help. It's easier to feel good about the world when it's sunny out.)

Here, have some happy! )

Also, my birthday is on Saturday. Happy birthday to me -- I turn 26.