May. 26th, 2008

More on Phoenix (Or, how I spent my Memorial Day Weekend)

So, the Phoenix Landing party we had at Cornell had packed the largest room in the astronomy building -- to the point where we were out of chairs, despite the building manager digging out our supply of folding chairs. This is a room we can fit the entire Astronomy Department in, for the record. Briony and Ryan were even interviewed for the local paper, since Dr. Bell and Dr. Squyres were out of town -- in Dr. Squyres' case, it was because CNN wanted to interview him for the landing. Heck, half the people we had for the landing came back to see the first pictures come down, about an hour and a half later.

Cut for coolness. And also Mars! )

In more mundane news, I've cleaned my apartment, except for my closest, craft corner, and the pile of summer clothing by my bed. I also discovered another cat that will eat bread -- in addition to my mother's cat, Geno, Dr. Haynes's cat, Gigi decided she was going to tear open the bag of rolls and take little cat-sized bites out of one.