Feb. 25th, 2010

Anime Club

Debating about whether to nominate Slayers Revolution for showing next semester. Main problem is that it is the fourth season of an anime, so I wonder how well it holds up for a club that might not have seen the previous three, or has only seen the first OAV (which really only tells you who Lina Inverse is, and lets you get the Nama/Naga joke in Evolution-R). The characters I can see sinking in quickly, but a lot of Revolution/Evolution-R relies on the plot of the first season. (Mostly the Rezo arc, but also the Sairaag arc a bit.)

Club history has the club showing Slayers TRY before my time, but TRY stands alone better -- about the only thing in common with Slayers and Slayers NEXT is the main five characters, the world, and knowing that Valgaav is annoyed at Lina because she killed his master in NEXT.

Then again, the club survived showing The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya in broadcast order*. Worst comes to worst, I nominate showing The Slayers first semester, then Revolution/Evolution-R second. The club tends to vote anything more than 13 episodes-a-semester down, but it's worth a shot. The last time the club did it was my first year, when showing Banner of the Stars and Eureka SeveN -- I suppose Twelve Kingdoms my second year, too, even if the club cut out the Taiki arc to save time. And none of those were well-received by the club** -- I think the last shows with substantially more than 26 episodes that were liked were Utena and FMA. (Oh, and Wolf's Rain, but if you cut out the four episodes (!) of recap, you get down to a normal length.)

What do you all think -- could Slayers Revolution/Evolution-R stand alone, relying on the in-show explanations of what's going on?

* Basically the Haruhi anime has a five-episode story arc of the first novel, a very condensed version of the second novel, and a bunch of short stories from the manga. The DVD release puts the whole thing in rough chronological order, with the five-episode arc put first. The TV release, and the one CJAS went with, played the second novel first, had the story arc split up so that the first episode or two were shown first, and the end of that arc were shown last, and then sprinkled the rest in there somewhere. Seriously. It was mitigated by the plot of the second novel being 'Haruhi decides to make a movie for the cultural festival, and unknowingly casts her three weird friends as roles that mirror their own hidden backstories/powers', but...

** I had a love/hate relationship with Eureka SeveN, but even I admitted the Crest/Banner of the Stars and Twelve Kingdoms animes both had pacing problems, and that the books were better (and a better adaption would be awesome).

Aug. 25th, 2008

My day

Things are a little crazy, since school starts this Thursday. I might be taking a class -- there's a seminar on comets that may help me, as I also study small icy things in the outer solar system. Also, there's a grading position open, and I acquired a reputation for being a fast grader, but I'm not hurting for money, so I might hold off.

Anime club looks good this year. I helped do the chalking today. A common way of advertising anything at Cornell is to get sidewalk chalk and a busy spot and get to work. Meghan, one of the members, draws well, so she brings a picture from something we're watching, and gets to work. The rest of us help with lettering, flats and that kind of stuff -- things people who can't draw well can be trusted with. So, if you go in front of the school store, there's a nice shot of Youko from Twelve Kingdoms. There's a Yuuko from XXXholic somewhere on North Campus. If the club site puts up pictures, I'll link them.

Also managed to nearly lose my ATM card at the store. Thankfully, in the time it took me to search my pockets, return my purchase to the shelf, head down to the bank, and ask the teller what to do, a customer found it on the floor, gave it to a store clerk, who took it to the bank in the store and asked them if they could find me. Seriously -- the teller was asking a coworker if she could get through to VISA when the coworker asked if this was the card she was trying to cancel. (Awesome people for being so prompt.)

Unfortunately, I spent most of today hunting down why my website wasn't working. Turns out I let the domain name registration lapse*, so I have a site, but no way to get to it besides through IP address. I ended up getting a similar name (.com instead of .net), and now just need the nice folks at my webhosts to tell me how to hook A into B, when I don't know how to get into my site to tell it 'okay, we need to point here'.

* Because the email it is linked to no longer exists, and I remember nothing about how to get into my billing account. I am brilliant, I know.

I got markers. Once the tea** kicks in, I'm gonna color this evening. ^_^ The internet also appears to be working again -- it was being spotty. Not enough to not work, but enough that I couldn't stream music or stay in a chat room.

** Jasmine green, third brew. There's enough to give me a bit of a pick-me-up after work, without keeping me up past bedtime.