Jun. 18th, 2018

[info]spyjunior in [info]find_icons

Blonde Bree Williamson besides the ones at [info]abeautifulmind?

Jun. 17th, 2018

[info]astheeffingsnow in [info]find_a_pb

I'm looking for a child who could grow into John Patrick Amedori. Brown hair and cute/boy-next-door are my main requirements - brown eyes would be ideal but not necessary. To look at least 5, no more than 10 - ideally 7 or 8. Cannot be a young Ian Armitage as he's cast. I've been looking at Gattlin Griffith, Jacob Tremblay and Max Records but I'm not quite sold on any of them - any suggestions? I can make icons if need be.

Jun. 15th, 2018

[info]irish_spark in [info]find_icons

Anything recent for Bryce Dallas Howard floating around? Especially looking for Jurassic World (both movies) with the bob haircut.

Jun. 12th, 2018

[info]downrightfierce in [info]find_icons

madelaine petsch other than the ones on the journals listed at ~wikicon and ~archive? specifically looking for more casual/candid than riverdale, thanks!

[info]kellygarrett in [info]find_a_pb

Looking for suggestions for a female James T. Kirk please! Pine version, but if you had options for the young version of Shatner, I'd love to hear them.

Jun. 9th, 2018

[info]togetherinparis in [info]find_icons

Does anyone now of any icons of Saffron Burrows (esp behind the scenes, promotional etc) in Agents of SHIELD? I've got the ones at [info]butterflydarlin and [info]allthethings I'm just after more variety.

I'm also after Benedict Wong in Dr Strange please?

[info]togetherinparis in [info]find_a_pb

Who would you have play a young Victoria Hand? I'm thinking mid 20s but I'm not all that fussed.

Jun. 8th, 2018

[info]team_torchwood in [info]find_a_pb

Looking to complete a couple of family units and hitting dead ends on both,

Your Madelaine Petsch circa Riverdale, big sister is Lana Del Rey and mom is Elisabeth Moss. Who is dad?

Your Tom Holland. Your older siblings are Evan Peters and Aubrey Plaza. Dad is Jordan Klepper. Who is mom and your older sister who is a wrestler (was looking at Nikki Bella). Actual WWE stars are fine for the sister since this is an NPC.