Sep. 24th, 2017

[info]damnprecious in [info]find_icons

Eiza Gonzalez, please? I remember seeing a recent, large post of her, but I can't find it now. Any help would be appreciated!

Sep. 18th, 2017

[info]ontoast in [info]find_a_pb

I need a pb for a 16 year old girl with a slightly shy look. Must be an actress.

Minor preference for a slightly round face and short hair, but neither is absolutely necessary.


Sep. 14th, 2017

[info]squeaky in [info]announcements

Final Irma Update

Ok we are home now. So a final report. The site stayed up 100% through the hurricane and ensuing blackouts in the local area. My home is mostly ok, just a couple of minor things that can easily be addressed. Family is safe, all pets weathered the trip though they were't happy about it. All in all we came out of Hurricane Irma relatively unscathed. Please resume your regular InsaneJournal activities ;)

[info]zigazigah in [info]find_icons

Chris Pine with glasses? I know I've seen at least a couple of sets somewhere but I can't find them.

Sep. 11th, 2017

[info]squeaky in [info]announcements

Irma Update

So the site survived Hurricane Irma with no outages. Now we are just waiting to hear about the status of our home and are awaiting the all clear to drive the 14 hours back south.