Jun. 22nd, 2017

[info]springsteens in [info]find_icons

Any icons of non-period drama Lily James - preferably blonde? I've seen the ~embargo sets but am holding out for some blonde icons!

Jun. 21st, 2017

[info]meandmymuses in [info]find_icons

I know someone within the past three months made Mckenna Grace icons from the movie Gifted.

I can't recall who though!

Help me?

Please and thank you!

Jun. 20th, 2017

[info]30minutemeals in [info]find_a_pb

I'm looking for a child PB for Dagny from Lost Girl. The adult PB I use for her is AJ Cook.

Also looking for an adult PB for Erin from Being Human. For a child PB I use Kylie Rogers.

Jun. 12th, 2017

[info]riesgrab in [info]find_icons

Anything of Chelsea Spack? Would love some of her as a blonde during the Isabella arc along with her red hair.

Jun. 11th, 2017

[info]brilliantdance in [info]find_icons

Any icons of Dichen Lachman from the 100? Please and thank you!