July 2017

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Nov. 21st, 2030

[info]celtic_cherokee in [info]citadel_icons

Fix Photobucket Images

If you're tired of icons being down because of Photobucket's pure, unashamed greed, please try
---> this plugin for Chrome <---
which allows hotlinked Photobucket images to be viewed again in your browser.

Nov. 21st, 2017

[info]celtic_cherokee in [info]citadel_icons

30 Icons | Hugh Jackman

1. I suddenly wanna be in Oz.
2. Various films and events featuring his scruff.


[info]celtic_cherokee in [info]citadel_icons

42 Icons | Lyndie Greenwood

1. Some are from Sleepy Hollow (which ended, sadly and badly, lol).
2. Badass chick from the Moulin Rouge, folks.


[info]celtic_cherokee in [info]citadel_icons

43 Icons | Melvinin @ Instagram

1. Instagram "celeb" Melvinin.
2. Young Ororo Munroe anyone?


Nov. 20th, 2017

[info]phantomdoll in [info]find_a_pb

Suggestions for a PB who isn't Ed Westwick but has a similarly smarmy/sneer-y face? (And is also not Cillian Murphy, who doesn't quite fit this character. Late 20s/early 30s with darker hair would be ideal, but I'm open to anyone with a sufficient "better-than-you" sneer.

[info]celtic_cherokee in [info]citadel_icons

Photobucket hack?

If you change the URLs in your entries for your icons to those of the thumbnails instead, they seem to work...

Comment if you need help or have thoughts!

[info]natherton in [info]find_icons

Richard T Jones?

Does anyone know where I might find icons of the actor Richard T. Jones, currently on Wisdom Of The Crowd, has been on Judging Amy, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Criminal Minds among other things? I found a multi-character Sarah Connor set on Hollow Art, and another small set via archive but he's a little hard to google for more, so help, please?

Nov. 18th, 2017

[info]trenier in [info]find_a_pb

Monet St. Croix as a teenager. She’s bi-racial (father’s Afro-European and her mother is Algerian), so you can imagine the struggle of finding a good match. The PB doesn’t necessarily have to be those ethnicities, but should be able to pass as it.

Help a bitch out, please. ♥

Nov. 16th, 2017

[info]chaoschick in [info]find_a_pb

Alternate pb suggestions for a character with a Kevin Spacey face? 'Nuff said.

Older, been-there-done-that, perpetually sarcastic and grumpy, 50-ish (give or take), brown hair and brown eyes would be a plus, looks a lot like Kevin Spacey but isn't would be a huge plus, but I don't have my hopes up. I've already thought of John Cusack. He looks the part but doesn't give me quite the right vibe (sad face).

Nov. 11th, 2017

[info]229922 in [info]find_a_pb

So, after finding out something really awful about Allison Mack (please google - I don't want to talk about it), I'm in search of an alternate pb to use as Chloe Sullivan in Smallville/DC related lines.

Heavy consideration for Kristen Bell, but I'm looking for alternatives, particularly as KB's so associated with Veronica Mars and Heroes' Elle.

Type - young - though if she's in her 30s now and has younger icons available, that would be the dream, blonde, white, pretty but not beautiful. Short hair to shoulder-length preferred. American would also be preferred. Also someone not necessarily associated with comics/superheroes but that wouldn't be a dealbreaker if she fit really well otherwise.

Nov. 9th, 2017

[info]squeaky in [info]announcements


On Thursday November 23rd we will be implementing our InsaneJournal Holiday sale that will take place from 9am Eastern Standard Time (GMT -0500) until November 28th at 9am Eastern Standard Time (GMT -0500). These will be some of our best prices ever and we WILL be offering our Insane Userpics option.

Prices will be announced at the start of the sale.

Then, for the rest of November and the entire Month of December we will be selling Permanently Insane accounts for a discounted price of $40 (regular price $50)