October 8th, 2014

A List of Things for the Apartment

Open thermometer
Bathroom rug
Kitchen/dining chairs
Kitchen/dining table
Shelves. (Lots of shelves; best guess is to buy them as I unpack.)
A desk, preferably one I can have both a computer and paper-writing space. I can use the laptop and my table*, but I'd rather not. Computers and food are not friends.
Comfy chair. I'm debating about whether I want a futon or sofa-bed or something that means I can have guests spend the night. (If I get a cat, the cat then has the important spot next to the human. )
Eventually I should get a TV and stand... when I have time to play console games, I mean.
A nightstand.
A tiny dresser so I don't have to keep my underwear and socks in a suitcase in the closet.

Probably things I'm forgetting. It already drives me nuts that I don't have a medicine cabinet in the bathroom, so my stuff is all around the sink.

Anything that can fit in my car I can get secondhand, otherwise my cheapest bet is probably the kind of furniture I have to assemble myself. (I'm shooting for a step above particle board in quality... except for the shelves. I need a lot of shelves.)

* Or get a table big enough to keep the desktop on and still have space for one person to eat a meal.